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    Attachment Archiving

    I've been thinking about the problem of members being able to delete attachments, and where people have said they may need to make space for new attachments. Well how about a solution to this being attachment archiving that works a bit like the post archive system where after a preset criteria is met, the attachments are moved to a archive where they no longer show in the users attachment quota and are protected from being deleted. It seems a elegant and simple solution to the problem and allows each admin to set their own criteria,
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    how's 4.0 coming

    I know 3.4 is right around the corner, but with 4.0 not needing the forums app and able to run just a membership system then an app like IP.content to go along with it. can't wait. Expect to sell 4-5 sets instantly.
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    how's 4.0 coming

    As soon as we have news, we'll be sure to blog about it :) We haven't finished 3.4 yet though ;)
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    Andy Rixon


    Well if people are interested in it still, I'll continue with it. But because most of my time is spent developing iRadio and other projects time is short.
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    all good - thanks
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    A MUST HAVE for any site with a lot of downloads! Thank you, Adriano!
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    Client Area Feedback

    New "New Purchase" screen will be showing up in the client area soon :)
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    Recent Posts

    Now is everthing fine and block pulls posts (topics). Thanks Aiwa for help! regards bosss
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    Keep Spoilers in WYSIWYG

    I would enjoy seeing spoilers stay as they are displayed in the post when you quote them and are using the WYSIWYG editor instead of them reverting back to bbcode.
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    Linkedin Connect

    Still waiting IPB
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    how's 4.0 coming

    Me too Brandon! I'm so glad to be back. Everything is running much smoother than the last time I used IPB, not anyone's fault just my limited knowledge of tweaking things to run better. I'm very happy now and can't wait to grow with the next version.
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    how's 4.0 coming

    Welcome to the Dark side! It is a little brighter here though! :)
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    Thanks for the update! Seems to work great for adding meta tags. I also added my own edit to pass the SEO title if you have one set. You have to replace the following line.. $this->registry->output->setTitle( $this->lang->words['portal_title'] .' - '. $this->settings['board_name'] ); With.. if( $this->settings['seo_index_title'] ) { $this->registry->output->setTitle( $this->settings['seo_index_title'] ); } else { $this->registry->output->setTitle( $this->lang->words['portal_title'] .' - '. $this->settings['board_name'] ); } (If anyone else wants to apply the edit themselves)
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    It's the Final Countdown

    Glad is working for you guys :)
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    Quiz System

    As I said before......it seems to do this if you rename one to a different name before you then add a quiz to it if this helps at all? Currently not using it with it like this.
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    How could it possibly be a legal problem? Here's how I see it.. Any content that is viewable only by a guest but not by a registered member should only be content that the admin put there. If an admin is using a "Guest message" hook, then that's not something that you can report anyway. If someone (as a guest) stumbles upon something that could be a legal issue (copyright infringement), then that person either owns the rights and thus would need to send a notice (which would be done by email) or they're just wanting to be helpful and can always opt to send an email if they don't want to register. If they submit a report, certain information is going to be collected anyway (IP address for example) so no matter which way they go, they're leaving some sort of a trail. I'm not saying that guests shouldn't be able to report content, only that if an admin wants to restrict it from guests, then that's up to them. What doesn't make sense to you might make perfect sense to someone else. As in, for your site it might not make sense, but on someone else's site, it might not make sense the other way around. I believe that when a spam control method is chosen for guests, it should be used anywhere that the admin wants it to be used. As in, if the admin wants it shown when someone posts a message as a guest, then it shows there. If they want it to show when leaving a comment on something (blog/calendar/downloads/gallery) then it shows up in all those places. Same with reporting content. Should be able to decide when it shows up. The method used though should remain the same. As in, not one captcha method for posts, then another for leaving comments, with yet another for reporting content. All the same but only used where the admin wants it used.
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