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    Mikey B

    Pure Greed?

    Your first URL change within 30 days of your license purchase is free (in case you need to move a test site to a live domain), then you get one free URL change every renewal period after that. This was done to prevent people who have multiple licenses only renewing one and getting support for all of their sites by changing the licensed URL's around so the site they needed support for was considered 'active'. Very few clients change their URL more than once every renewal period, and if you have a need to change your licensed URL, please feel free to submit a ticket and we'll see what we can do.
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    Revoking warnings

    Say a moderator warns a member for an offense they never committed, or perhaps you got drunk one night and started warning various members of your forum you didn't like for no apparent reason. (This was not a real life example, don't worry.) Or more realistically, a member appeals their ban/warning and you decide to accept their appeal. What do you do? Well, first you probably apologize to the member and scold your bad moderator if the warning held no merit. But then what? You want to revoke the warning and any action that was given to the user with the warning, right? Well, you can remove any posting restrictions or suspensions manually, but you can't really ever officially revoke or "take back" the warning. The best you can do is manually edit the users warning level, or even delete the warning from the database manually if you so wish. The first option still leaves the warning listed on the users account, unless you decide to warn the user again (without increasing their warning points) just to leave a note that the last warning was repealed. This can be confusing to your other staff members.. and even you, if you're as forgetful of an admin as I! The second option is more permanent, but it obviously requires the client to know how to venture into their database and manually delete the warning entry. Well, I've got a simple solution! Allow staff members to repeal warnings and suspensions! The permission for repealing bans can be assigned on a per-group basis. You can have it set where only you (the administrator) can repeal warnings, or you can give it to your moderators if you so wish. Warnings can be repealed through the MCP or through the users warnings page directly. Once a warning is repealed, the points attributed to that warning will "expire" and any actions attributed with that warning will be automatically reversed. The warning will still be viewable by staff members and even the user himself, but it would be "grayed out" and displayed as repealed or revoked, no longer active. The staff member that repeals the warning may also give a reason as to why the offense was revoked if they so wish.
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    Cookie Bar

    View File Cookie Bar Due to the cookie laws in the EU, here is a hook that shows you the bar at the top of your site that you see at so many other sites, asking your users to accept the use of cookies. You also have the option to block the use of your site until a user has accepted the use of cookies, but this will potentially affect your site's position in search engine rankings and might scare users away. As of version 1.0.1, the Cookie Bar will no longer be shown to search engines. NOTE: You yourself are responsible to ensure for your own jurisdiction whether using this hook makes you compliant with the laws that apply to you. Providing you with this hook does not imply any legal advice. Blocking the use of (blacking out) your site, does not prevent from any cookies being written by the invision software or third parties. Features Reset the acceptance by changing the acceptance key (e.g. if you made a major change to your privacy policy). You can adjust the language of the hook through the included language bits. You can choose whether or not you want to blackout the rest of your site until a visitor has accepted the use of cookies. Does not show if the visitor is a search engine spider. Any further suggestions are appreciated and I might include these in a future release of this hook. Install Upload all files and install the .xml as a hook. Donate This hook is free to use. But if you would like to support this hook's development you can donate here: Fix for duplicate bar showing in custom skins In your skin template files go to 'cookieBar' under Global Templates and replace the lines in the first block with the lines in the second code block below. <div class="message" id="cookiePlaceholder"> <a class="input_submit">{$this->lang->words['cookieBarAccept']}</a> </div> <div class="message" id="cookiePlaceholder" style="display:none;"> </div> Submitter Donkerrood Submitted 08/17/2012 Category Utilities Discussion URL Support Info <p>Please use the support topic for support.</p> Supported Versions IP.Blog 2.4.x
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    Searching needs significant improvement.

    There's plenty of room for improvement in IP.Boards searching function. All in all, it's always been a pain for me to use. It's almost always easier to simply use a Google search on my site to find what I want. However, this is only because my site is well indexed by Google. Not everyone is so lucky. In this thread, I'm going to go through some of the problems I've had, in no specific order. My memory is fairly sub-par, so I'll likely recall a few other complaints and suggestions over time that I'll add to this list, but this is simply a thread to get a discussion started. A thread to gather feedback and gather comments and further suggestions from the rest of the community. A thread to hopefully drive more attention to improving one of the most basic and most used functionalities of many forums, searching. Relevance Have you ever tried to search for an app in the marketplace using the built in search function here? Let's give an example. Try and search for this app now: It's called "Links Directory," so you'd search for just that, right? Links Directory. Huh. It's not there. The title of the app is clearly "Links Directory," but it's nowhere to be found on the first page. Why? It seems to be simply because the search results are organized purely by the submission date, relevance has no factor here. The actual app is third to last on the search results page. A quick Google makes the page significantly easier to find. directory It comes up as the very first result. http://community.inv...inks-directory/ https://www.google.c...links Searching by thread, not post author One thing I find rather annoying is that I cannot search by a threads author. You can only search by post author. So, say you want to find a thread started by another user. The only way you can go about doing this is searching by the post author. This will include all threads that the user has posted in. There is currently no way to search only by the threads author alone. A simple extra functionality that I'm interested in hearing others opinions on. This could be useful when trying to search for a story a user posted, a guide a user wrote, so on and so forth. Searching by multiple tags Currently you can search for multiple tags at once, but this isn't exactly what I mean. If you search for an image with the tags "blue" and "nature", as an example, it will return all images from the gallery with either the tag "blue" or "nature". Unlike with keywords where you can define to search for "all words" or "any words", you cannot search for posts that contain "all tags" or "any tags." This is a functionality that I would personally find extremely useful in my community, especially in the gallery and downloads system. When you have a massive amount of images or posts in your community to weed through, being restricted to searching by a single tag at a time can be very inefficient. When you have a community that makes intensive use of the tagging system, why should you be restricted to only searching by one tag at a time? Tags can be used to describe many things, especially in images, and this is why many popular image hosting platforms (such as Gelbooru) make use of this basic feature. My suggestion here is simple. Give the option to search for either "all tags" or "any tags," just as you can with keywords. You can't search archived and live posts at the same time . The technicalities of the problem are understandable, and it's more or less considered a "trade-off" for using the archiving system by most. Apparently, with some configuring, you might be able to get Sphinx to search in both tables. This is a functionality issue I've posted about before This also seems to be an issue already acknowledged by developers, but I'm simply posting it here for the sake of including everything I can think of in my list. (Bug) Searching by title and content in archives only searches by content. This is a bug and a problem I've just happened to come across. When searching by "title and content" for archived posts, it only searches by content. It does not search by thread titles. See the following example. I'm searching for posts with the keyword "Konata" that are made by the user "Shu" in my site's Fanfiction forum. This is what is returned when searching by title and content. Only one result. There should be at least several. This baffled and frustrated me for a while, until I happened to figure out the cause. Now, if we go back and search by content only, we'll get the same thing. But, if we go back and search by title only, see for yourself. The most logical conclusion seems to be that the search function refuses to search by both the title and content, even though this is the default option. Try it yourself. Go search for something generic in your forum archives. Search by both title and content, title only, and content only. See some inconsistencies with the results? This is just one of the problems the archiving system brings. It's a good idea, but there are a number of bugs and problems I've seen because of it, to the point I'm considering simply disabling it and unarchiving all posts on my board at this stage. It's still a relatively new feature though, so I can't really complain all that much about it. ) ( Bug report
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    Peter Parker

    I'm SORRY IPS!

    OK a while ago I posted a topic when I was PISSED off about my IP SEO live meta tag editor not working (it still doesnt). I said i was going to use a different forum software, bc I was doing poorly in google, due to the way my topics are being displayed by google. Well its not really IP Board's fault. It was mine. I have a security certificate on my website, and I was not redirecting with 301's from non www to www., and from http to https. So because of this google was indexing my site in different ways, it basically thought I had 2 different websites. So thats the real reason why I was doing poorly in google. I fixed that issue in my .htaccess folder, and now I am doing pretty well in the SERPS. In some cases I am ranking higher than my competition who has been ranking number one for nearly 10 years! So anyway, I am sorry IPS, for talking trash out of anger and ignorance. My loyalty remains here.
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    Change in how subforums show

    Few things id like to see change about the subforum views is a) When looking at the forum, you can choose to have subforums viewable or hidden from the main view. I can only find a way to turn this on/off globally. Would be nice to have an option that allowed us to do it on a forum to forum basis. As sometiems there are areas you would like subforums to be visible, and other areas where you wish them to be hidden b) Like a, something similar for redirect links. For me i have a particular forum, that i have a redirect link added. That i wish to have visible on the forum view. But the other subforums inside there i wish to have hidden. Example 1: All subforums/redirects shown Example 2: Selected subforums/redirects shown c) When selecting a forum to see, the list of subforums IMO is an eye sore, as they are bulky tables for nothing more than a subforum link. Something a little more conservative would be nice. So that if you have an area with say 20 subforums to it then the page isnt an arms length long. Example 1: Standard view of subforums within a forum Example 2: A not so bulky and taking up so much space view of subforums when your in the forum menu itself, also a lil more user friendly if you have multiple subforums Chucked it together, but you can go all the way accross. Even allow space for descriptions. But that way you are eliminating a lot of wasted space Btw if any of these things are in IPB already, then i do appologise, but i cant seem to find them
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    Tom Christian

    IPB Unlimited by IPS Themes

    Hello, This would require a fair bit of customisation to the skin. I suggest only trying this if you're experienced with Javascript and working your way through the IPB skin templates. Tom.
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    Tom Christian

    IPB Unlimited by IPS Themes

    UPDATE RELEASED. This skin is now compatible with IPB 3.3.4. Please re-download the skin package from your client area before upgrading the skin.
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    All IPB forums breaching EU law

    I see we've devolved to name-calling.
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    Fake a few members on new boards

    Like the members on my site that pretended to be younger females but were actually older males. It's just text, so everyone underst-oh.. wait, no they didn't. Of course not! My name is really Sarah, after all!
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    CCS Utilities Module[32]

    Any progress Marcher? Just thought I ask. ^_^
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    All IPB forums breaching EU law

    Jesus H Corbett, am I to read all this? This is the EU man. The EU is like Blakey from On The Buses Honestly don't know why we even listen to them. Doze of gravy-train riding, super-beauro, unnelected sadists and submissives, willing to do and say anything for their 'betters'. It's like this multinational corp that looks all professional and hi-tech from the letterheads and website and marketing campaign. Then you get in there and it's a few dozen school-going plebs playing with themselves and fiddling with each other. All orchestrated and directed by the most grotesque criminals in the known universe. What a load of total nonsense this all looks. I'm doing sod-all. Edit - See this similarity to the multinational corp run by mongs and small man syndrome sufferers that don't know what they're doing? That might sound like me joking but this is really all it is. I'd hate to think of the world outside of Europe having this impression of a giant properly tight-ship that's honed to make the world and it's internet a safer better place, employing the cream of the Human race. It ain't. They're honestly having a laugh in there. I've seen footage from hidden cameras on people who've gone in there to document what goes on, and it's just hundreds of people with no clue what they're doing, milling around socialising, drinking champagne and eating vollavons. Too-ing and fro'ing from one office to the next scratching themselves. With all the policy coming from the usual think tanks and these tip-rats sitting around waiting to sign.... after not bothering to read them.
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    All IPB forums breaching EU law

    "What this effectively means is that every single IPB site who have visitors from the EU are now in breach of the new cookie directive" Not true....the EU law applies to EU based websites. The majority of my members are from EU countries and my site is hosted in the U.S. I am not required to do anything.
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    Reputation Profile Tab

    Lewis, There's something strange going on with this hook. Ever since IPB installed reputation on the profile, the reputation tab under profiles won't work unless this hook is installed (assuming it was installed prior to the upgrade). Here is what happens: Let's say you upgrade from 3.2 to 3.3 (or even 3.3.1 to 3.3.2). After the upgrade, all skins (including the default) will throw this error: Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/itechfac/domains/testdrive02/forum/cache/skin_cache/cacheid_1/skin_profile.php on line 1825 Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /home/itechfac/domains/testdrive02/forum/cache/skin_cache/cacheid_1/skin_profile.php:1825) in /home/itechfac/domains/testdrive02/forum/ips_kernel/classAjax.php on line 322 Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /home/itechfac/domains/testdrive02/forum/cache/skin_cache/cacheid_1/skin_profile.php:1825) in /home/itechfac/domains/testdrive02/forum/ips_kernel/classAjax.php on line 325 Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /home/itechfac/domains/testdrive02/forum/cache/skin_cache/cacheid_1/skin_profile.php:1825) in /home/itechfac/domains/testdrive02/forum/ips_kernel/classAjax.php on line 326 Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /home/itechfac/domains/testdrive02/forum/cache/skin_cache/cacheid_1/skin_profile.php:1825) in /home/itechfac/domains/testdrive02/forum/ips_kernel/classAjax.php on line 327 Array This is from the support ticket here: http://community.inv...050#entry137050 What happens is that reputation.php and reputation.conf.php are overwritten with the IPB files. But, the skins still act like they're looking for your hook (even if it's uninstalled). So, what you have to do to fix the error is to re-upload reputation.php and reputation.conf.php supplied with your hook. Then, reinstall the hook file. Then, you have to identify which groups are allowed to view their reputation data. After that, the reputation tab in the profile area moves to the bottom and everything is fine. Moving forward, is there a way to fix this? I'm facing this everytime I upgrade.
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    Fake a few members on new boards

    :tongue: :rofl: :tongue: ROFL :lol: :rofl: :rofl: :sweat:
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    Fake a few members on new boards

    You know as hard as I try, I just have never been able to sit there and create 10 X me or even 1 X me / i really can not imagine how people have the ability to talk to themselves with so many Personalities
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    File Name: Hebrew Translate IP.Board 3.2.1 with IP.Content 2.2.1 File Submitter: IceCore File Submitted: 13 Aug 2011 File Category: Language Packs The Hebrew version of IP.Board translate is here for 3.2.1! The translation is still not full but At least 90% is done there! Updates will come soon as possible! stay around for updates. הנה לכם יצאה סוף סוף גרסת תרגום בעברית למערכת 3.2.1! התרגום מכיל לפחות 90% שורות מלאות מתורגמות, וכן יש עוד עבודה לעשות אך הרוב מתורגם. הישארו עמנו על מנת להתעדכן, להגיב ולשאול שאלות בנושא. ( בלי הערות מיותרות, אם שולם, תקבלו את מלוא התמיכה לגבי התרגום. זו היא רק תמיכה בי להמשיך. ) here to download this file
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