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    File Name: (SOS31) Topic Title Colored File Submitter: Adriano Faria File Submitted: 18 May 2011 File Updated: 22 May 2011 File Category: Hooks and Plugins This hook will allow users to use colors in topic title when creating a topic. Topic title colored will appear in forum view, including topic preview popup and in topic view. Settings: Admins can set aditional places to show:board index (last post info in categories)Recent Topics sidebar hookSearch resultsTab profiles (topics and posts)User groups can create topic title coloredForums where users can create topic title colored Notes: This hook is based visually in -IBM- Topic title Colored mod for IP.Board 3.0.X, by AmgedOsman from http://realcustomscripts.com/No file or template edit required Compatibility: IP.Board 3.1.4 Click here to download this file
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    Download: GGT_Photoshop Online

    File Name: GGT_Photoshop Online File Submitter: Gorbo_MK File Submitted: 22 May 2011 File Updated: 23 May 2011 File Category: Applications This modification will allow your users to create, edit and manipulate images directly on your forums by using pixlr.com's service. Very easy to install and nothing to setup! Note: This is the first mod I have submitted so any feedback would be appreciated! Click here to download this file
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    Suggestion: User Agent Management Import

    Just a thought of adding the option of being able to mass import (and export) several user agents via an XML file (with appropriate import / export options on the page) :)
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    Is it just me or have the feedback topics become so much fun to read lately because of all the "Buhu, it can't be named <INSERT FEATURENAME>" and "If IPB start developing more social networking features I'm gonna jump the ship"? One word for you(or rather; three): LOL! :D I'm in agreement with 7SiN. The current friends-system doesn't really give you anything. It says on your profile that you're "friends" and you recieve notifications for their status updates. Wow, huge benefits right there of befriending... erh wait.. IMO perhaps have a "mode" system like the reputation modes, so either you can have the "Friends" -mode or the "Follow" -mode(or whatever it would be called), or both(yes, both at the same time). Details would have to be worked on but I think it could turn out quite nicely. That way people can become friends or follow anonymously. If people don't want other people to follow them, they simply turn profile privacy so that only friends can view it(hence no one else can view their profile and be able to follow them).
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    Are you kidding? Who said IPB was going to evolve around that?! L2R. It's only giving users more options. Though your site may not use it at all, I can see many sites that do. And just bc you are the admin of your site, doesn't mean you speak for the opinion of all your members. Facebook has the highest amount of returning users with a very high amount of time spent on their site on average. Maybe it's just me, but I would like to embrace that if my members want that. I'm telling you this right now, I'm definitely not going to your this part of the software myself. But it will be there for my users, which we should be tailoring our sites (to a point) for them. It's those that think that their opinions are the only ones that matter on their site and they take the site the direction that the members don't want....those are the ones that fail. I have over 300,000 users on my site and this idea is a popular one. Whether or not you use this system, I don't care. But to say you are going to drop this software in a heartbeat is utter stupidity because you won't have to use these options if you don't want, but if you have them enabled, those options are there for your users to utilize in addition to your main site. I just don't get the resistance on things that can help promote user activity and I can't believe the shear hatred towards something like this, especially saying you are going to drop this software if they do include this. Then what are you going to use? vB? They have Social Groups which is very similar to what Fb has. XF? They have a follow system like twitter. All the free ones? Good luck. :rolleyes:
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    It could be documented better, but you can achieve this by visiting the mod's download page and clicking "Like". You will then receive an email (or PM, or mobile push notification) when it is updated.
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    I'm against the labeling of "follow". Sounds like that monstrosity called twitter and one of the things I dislike about xF. It took me some time to get over my gripe with it on xF but I still rather not have it called "followers". Friends sounds more personal whereas "follow" sounds like fandom or submission, it could use more functionality like you said but leave that kind of labeling to mindless social networks.
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    Sidebars... COME ON!

    Actually sidebars on all pages are useless unless you want to stuff them with ads. I can't think of one site I have ever been to that had any useful information in the sidebars not on the forum home. I have even been to sites where they have the default forum home sidebar with useful info such as last posts and recent news and along side another with nothing but ads that follow you through to each post you read. The only thing more annoying than sidebars on all pages is those js ads that follow you down the screen or popup when you hover over a word.
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