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  1. Hey IPB Team! Community Mailings are by far one of the most important methods to keep your visitors visiting^^ After several thousand members it becomes quite hard to handle all the junk you get back from those invalid mail addresses and manually sort out the members that are no longer with us. I am using phplist, a very fast and good tool for mailings. It has a bounce function built it. E-mail is sent out with an 'envelope-to' option that redirects mailer-daemon errors to a special mailbox. in my case bounces@mydomain.com. Normal replys will be sent to your email-account as usual. Then i can click 'process bounces' and phplist imports all the mails from the bounces@domain.com mailbox and after a predefined number of bounces (lets say five) it automatically unsubscribes the user from our mailinglist. This way we a) always know how many people we really reach b) don't have to clean up our private mailboxes with THOUSANDS of mailer-daemon-mails c) have more time to watch our favorite tv show :) What do you think? Cheers -Daniel
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  2. Jaggi

    Vimeo BBCODE

    How about adding this support in by default? The mod by Michael is perfect but think IPS should implement it by default since its gained quite a following and IPS do use it on this site!
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  3. And I have a suggestion on how it could be done. Today you can click on the amount of replies a topic have gotten and get a list of how many replies each of users who have participated in the topic has. You could simply add the possibillity to click on the number of posts a user have made in the topic - and that would lead you to just the replies that user had made in it. The url could be something like showtopic=67&fromUser=4 . This would then be quite similar to how showtopic=67&modfilter=invisible_posts works, but it would of course display a different result. This is the list like it is today: My suggestion is to make the number clickable. And it would take you to the posts that user have posted. So in this case I would click on the number 7 and I would be taken to all the 7 posts bfarber have written in the topic "FURL". It could also be available to click on a button like "Show posts from this user in this topic" when viewing their profile card in a topic.
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