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    Amged Osman

    Contact Form

    While my contact form pro is one of those 3rd party modification , I also think that ADVANCED contact form with (AJAX checks and rich stuff) should come by default with IPB .. i mean IMO Contact form is far more important and useful then the IPB Portal .. i dont think anyone uses that portal now that we have IP.Content. I was going to update my contact form and fill it with rich and advanced and ajaxed stuff, but, i wwill wait and see if IPS is going to take that request in consideration.
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    Contact Form

    Hello, It would be great if there was a configurable contact form for IPB whether it be on IP.Board on IP.Contact, it's defiantly needed. What do you guys think?
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    File Name: (RedEnzian) Resize Uploaded Images 1.0.0 File Submitter: RedEnzian File Submitted: 13 Oct 2010 File Category: Performance Supported Versions: IP.Board 3.1.x, IP.Board 3.2.x This hook trys to safe diskspace on your servers harddisk by resizing uploaded images before they get saved. You can set the max. allowed file dimension for uploaded images (e.g. 1024x768). If the uploaded image exceeds this dimensions it will be resized and resampled. The second option is a filesize check. If the uploaded image is smaller then the set dimensions, but the filesize is bigger than allowed, it will be resampled to save diskspace. The following settings will be added to your settings interface after installation: Enable or disable the hook Resize to width x height (this is also the size the file will checked against) Maximum filesize in KB Imagequality for jpeg, png and gif (to compress the image after resizing) If you only use the traditional uploader, no further steps must be done after installing the hook. If you want to use the Flash Uploader, you have to edit on template bit: Goto ACP->Look & Feel->YOUR SKIN->Post Screen->uploadForm and search for 'file_size_limit': "{$stats['max_single_upload']}" } )}); replace {$stats['max_single_upload']} with 0. This is because the flash uploader checks the filesize befor it really uploads to the server. Known Issues: The Flash Uploader displayes the original uploaded Filesize instead of the resized filesize. Demo notes: The Demo has the following settings applied (512kb max upload filesize and resize to 800x600 pixels). Simple upload an image greater than 512KB Oh, and one last thing: When the resized image is still bigger then the allowed size (per Post Member settings, etc.) there will still be an error http://community.invisionpower.com/public/style_emoticons/#EMO_DIR#/wink.gif. This hook trys just to prevent the storage of unchanged 10 Megapixel camera images http://community.invisionpower.com/public/style_emoticons/#EMO_DIR#/wink.gif. This is a Hook from the Free Mod a Week List: This Plugin has been created because you have voted for it in the Mod a week Request thread ( http://community.inv...-reboot-thread/ ). Keep up giving us developers ideas for modification and help us to improve existing ones by reporting problems http://community.invisionpower.com/public/style_emoticons/#EMO_DIR#/smile.gif. Changelog: 1.0.0: Initial Version This hook is FREE to use however Donations are greatly appreciated! here to download this file
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    Olivier Turbis

    Contact Form

    A contact form in a lightbox.
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    This is one of those situations where it's irrelevant what I think. We have to go with the masses. I do tend to agree that the forum icons only duplicate information shown elsewhere and I certainly don't look at them anymore. I'd rather have the person's "face" rather than a repeated icon. It makes it more personal. If we were to do this then I think we should just do it. No options, no hooks, etc. Too many options makes for poor software.
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    Now that IPB3 is here, I think its really time to address the way emoticons are managed because times have changed and boards no longer have just 20 of them, many have accumulated 100's of them. Large, small, light, dark, seasonal etc. Surely there has to be a better, less confusing way of managing them for Admins, and I seem to recall suggestions in the past have been confirmed as having to wait for IPB3 because of its improved programming structure. Sorry I'm going back to basics here, because after several years I still don't understand or have forgotten how Emoticon Management is supposed to work in the AdminCP, and there is still no documentation for it. I don't understand why it is that you can add numerous folders of smilies in addition to the default emotion group, if IPB doesn't automatically include them (the default folder and all additional folders or child folders) when you actually come to post? I also don't understand why you can't turn entire groups of emoticons on and off. One possible solution... Lets say for example you have 150 smilies on your board, consisting of: 50 general ones 50 Halloween theme50 Christmas themed (a little OTT but will do as an example!).It could just as well be large, small, adult, whatever... You wouldn't need to have the 100 seasonal emoticons available to click all year round, and you wouldn't need to have access when posting to the Christmas ones when posting near to or at Halloween, and vice versa. So why not have a folder for each group, and have a check box in the Emoticon Manager to instantly enable or disable each group of smilies as required, and a separate sub-screen to enable, disable or delete individual emoticons within each group, either one at a time or all? This would make things much more manageable for this with lots of smilies, and all smilies would still show in older posts because they are still on the server, just not all in the clickable list all at once. You could take it a step further, by adding tabs (suggested so many times before) to the Show All Emoticon box, so that clicking on default or general would show those, then a tab would be available for the Halloween, large, small etc as defined by the groups in the AdminCP Emoticon Management screen.
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    File Name: [AH30] Latest Calendar Events Hook File Submitter: Alex File Submitted: 22 May 2009 File Category: Hooks and Plugins This hook will add a new block to the existing side bar, showing the most recent calendar events, and when they are happening. Installation is simple, just download this XML file and import it via your Admin Control Panel, IP.Board will do the rest! Click here to download this file
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    Amged Osman

    Like Button similar to XenForo

    I wasn't talking about competition though, I only meant that we do not need to mimic them. yes, do it better / add more ideas to it and even then its not necessary for IPS to create each and every function that exists in other systems
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    boardIndexOnlineUsers data hook

    Can you change this data hook so that some more relevant data is exposed? Namely, it would be nice if we had an array of real data about the active users. All we actually get about the active users is an HTML link to their profile, we don't know their member group, and we'd have to do some trickeration on the HTML link to extract the member ID and/or name. Here's a sample of what I get for data for this hook point on my localhost board: Array ( [TOTAL] => 1 [NAMES] => Array ( [0] => <a href='http://localhost:8080/ipsdev/dev31/index.php?/user/1-michael/' title='Today, 01:01 AM'><span style='color:red;'>Michael</span></a> ) [GUESTS] => 0 [MEMBERS] => 1 [ANON] => 0 [text] => Our members have made a total of <b>25</b> posts<br />We have <b>2</b> registered members<br />The newest member is <b><a href='http://localhost:8080/ipsdev/dev31/index.php?/user/3-test/'>test</a></b> [posts] => 25 [active] => 1 [members] => 2 [cut_off] => 15 [info] => Array ( [most_time] => 10 May 2010 - 02:32 PM [most_online] => 2 [total_posts] => 25 [mem_count] => 2 [last_mem_seo] => test [last_mem_link] => http://localhost:8080/ipsdev/dev31/index.php?/user/3-test/ [last_mem_name] => test [last_mem_id] => 3 ) ) There's really not a whole lot of good data there that I can do anything with. I am asking for this because one of the most common requests I get on my mods is to bring back the Group Name Indicator's ability to sort active users based on the group sorting for the mod. Because I have no access to the group ID numbers of the active members, there's no way I could do this. The only conceivable way I could achieve this right now is to extract the member IDs from these links and then query for their groups, that's dreadfully inefficient. It would be nice if we just got raw data in this data hook that we could reorder, and then the actual construction of URLs was done either later in the source code or in the template.
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    Download: Classifieds

    Get images from either the application folder or your ftp (public/style_images/master/classifieds). Upload them to your CleanCut folder at public/style_images/clean/classifieds.
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    Hi there, On my IP Board, I often have to delete members, because they are insulting, multi-accounts, etc. So, when it happens, I have to go to the ACP and then : 1. In the "Actions menu", destroy all member's posts 2. In the "Actions menu", clear watched topics and forums 3. In the "Actions menu", delete sent private messages 4. And finally push the button "Delete member". Could it be possible to have a one button that nukes everything from the member ? Posts, private messages, watched topics, etc... It would save a huge quantity of time. Thanks :)
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    (RedEnzian) Resize Uploaded Images 1.0.0

    Hello Red, i come with a suggestion: why not to give the hook the possibility to resize all the images posted before this installation? This could be possible at the first new read of the old image from a single user! ;)
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    Copying threads

    indeed that why this feature that has been asked for many times still unavailable? lol
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    I decided to go out loud about this so heres my final codes to display: [*]The Starter Avatar [*]Last Poster Avatar NOTE:: if you wnt to display only the Starter Avatar then use the codes in this [url=" Step 1: Goto ACP > Look & Feel > Skin Name > Forum Index > forumindexTemplate > Find: <td class='short altrow'>{parse replacement="{$data['folder_img']}"}</td> Replace it with <!-- sacred --> <php> $defaultAvatar = "<img src='{$this->settings['img_url']}/profile/default_thumb.png' width='25px' height='25px' alt='Img'/>"; $theMember = IPSMember::load($data['starter_id'], 'core,extendedProfile'); if ( $theMember['avatar_location'] == ""){ $memberAvatar = $defaultAvatar; }else{ $memberAvatar = IPSMember::buildAvatar($theMember,0,1); } if ( $data['starter_id'] == $data['last_poster_id']) { $lastMember = $theMember; $lastMemberAvatar = $memberAvatar; }else{ $lastMember = IPSMember::load($data['last_poster_id'], 'core,extendedProfile'); if ( $lastMember['avatar_location'] == ""){ $lastMemberAvatar = $defaultAvatar; }else{ $lastMemberAvatar = IPSMember::buildAvatar($lastMember,0,1); } } </php> <td class='short altrow' id="userAvatar"><a href='{parse url="showuser={$data['starter_id']}" seotitle="{$data['seo_first_name']}" template="showuser" base="public"}'>{$memberAvatar}</a> <span><a href='{parse url="showuser={$data['last_poster_id']}" seotitle="{$data['seo_last_name']}" template="showuser" base="public"}'>{$lastMemberAvatar}</a></span></td> Click Save Then Click CSS button > ipb_styles.css /* General block */ Add above that: /* * Yes, That's the right place for you */ #userAvatar img { max-width: 25px; max-height: 25px; clear:both; } #userAvatar span img { max-width: 15px; max-height: 15px; position: relative; left:10px;top:-6px; } Save and that should be it!
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    Actually yeah the above code will work so I'm going to clean the codes a little bit and re-write how to add them to your forums Step 1: Goto ACP > Look & Feel > Skin Name > Forum Index > forumindexTemplate > Find: <td class='short altrow'>{parse replacement="{$data['folder_img']}"}</td> Replace it with <!-- sacred --> <php> $theMember = IPSMember::load($data['starter_id'], 'core,extendedProfile'); if ( $theMember['avatar_location'] == ""){ $memberAvatar = "<img src='{$this->settings['img_url']}/profile/default_thumb.png' width='25px' height='25px' alt='Img'/>"; }else{ $memberAvatar = IPSMember::buildAvatar($theMember,0,1); } </php> <td class='short altrow' id="userAvatar"><a href='{parse url="showuser={$data['starter_id']}" seotitle="{$data['seo_first_name']}" template="showuser" base="public"}'>{$memberAvatar}</a></td> Click Save Then Click CSS button > ipb_styles.css /* General block */ Add above that: /* * Yes, That's the right place for you */ #userAvatar img { max-width: 25px; max-height: 25px; clear:both; } Save and that should be it!
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    Enjoy! now you can use the Avatar not the Personal Photo <!-- sacred --> <php> $theMember = IPSMember::load($data['starter_id'], 'core,extendedProfile'); $theMember['avatar_size'] = '25x25'; if ( $theMember['avatar_location'] == ""){ $memberAvatar = "<img src='{$this->settings['img_url']}/profile/default_thumb.png' width='25px' height='25px' alt='Img'/>"; }else{ $memberAvatar = IPSMember::buildAvatar($theMember,0,1); } </php> <td class='short altrow'><a href='{parse url="showuser={$data['starter_id']}" seotitle="{$data['seo_first_name']}" template="showuser" base="public"}'>{$memberAvatar}</a></td> Change the '25x25' to whatever suits you! As i said, it is an ugly hack!
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    Well seems like we can only control the avatar images from the board settings it self 'avatar_dims' so if you want to resize the avtar you have to change the default sizes for avatars in your ACP 1st. so for now, if you want to use the Profile Picture you can use this Code in forumIndexTemplate find: <td class='short altrow'>{parse replacement="{$data['folder_img']}"}</td> replace it with <!-- sacred --> <php> $memberPhoto = IPSMember::buildProfilePhoto($data['starter_id']); </php> <td class='short altrow'><img src="{$memberPhoto['pp_mini_photo']}" alt='{$data['starter_name']}' {parse resize_image="$memberPhoto['pp_mini_photo']" maxwidth="25" maxheight="25"}/></td> Note:: i could have easly used the "already passed" height and width (25px) but, i intended to use the resize_image so you guys can easily change the width & height as you want! Also the good thing about Personal Photo is it loads a default photo if the user did not choose one for him self! Thats the output BTW I should mention that what we're doing here is an "ugly hack" or so they call it. but, it shall do the job.
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    I'm all for it so long as it's the avatar and not the profile picture that seems to worm its way into everything.
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    Elad Nava

    Download: [EN30] Ajax Thanks v1.0.3

    v1.0.3 is ready! Unfortunately I can't upload it to Invisionize yet, since we haven't finished working on upgrading the marketplace. If anyone wants it urgently, PM me on Invisionize with the user that purchased the mod. This version has 0 skin edits, and 0 file edits, you must un-do the file and skin edits in v1.0.2 before installing this! Version History: v1.0.3: 0 skin edits, 0 file edits! Member popup balloon for thankers list () Ability to Remove Thanks on a post you have already thanked Profile view thanked count
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    Olivier Turbis

    Post Icons

    Post icons are another thing that should be removed in my very humble big red fat opinion.
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    Just coming from VB and PHPBB, I must say that the staff here is MUCH more pleasant. A simple question on the other forums can result in snide comments. >_<
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    Like Button similar to XenForo

    I'll be blunt but this rebuttal does grate a little. I am aware of how many users Facebook has and as a heavy Facebook user I'm aware of its functionality. But just throwing on a bunch of "Facebook" features in IP.Board because it works for one particular site is a flawed argument. In my experience, the average topic gets more replies than the average status update at Facebook, so having a way to filter out unpopular posts is a benefit if implemented correctly.
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    Like Button similar to XenForo

    Superficially a like system is similar to a reputation system but there is a world of difference. "Like" allows you to tell the world that you liked the post content. A reputation system allows you to up-vote and down-vote content. This then allows you to filter out posts below a certain threshold. This effectively crowd moderates content. If used properly it's a powerful tool. I'd say that it's not widely utilized in IP.Board because it's not immediately obvious what it does and we plan to improve the rep interface in future versions. I would be reluctant to throw out that functionality simply because the current trend is to "like".
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    3.1.3 soon?

    Enough bugs present to fix until a new release. Hope for a lot of fixes until they release a new version. :thumbsup: I prefer to wait a little longer for a new release but have more bugs fixes. Big or not big - fixed is fixed :D
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    Ryan R

    Like Button similar to XenForo

    And your point being? Look [url=". 57 green plus'es...Click on the 57...And that IPS News account has 2,445 reputation ("Likes") but only 292 posts just like the XenForo news account has 900 Likes on just 22 posts... It's basically the exact same thing, folks. We've said it over and over in this thread. I'm not sure why everybody thinks XF's Like is so groundbreaking.
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    Contact Form

    There are a few third party modifications available for this, but it something I would like to see built into the product (I was thinking something along the same lines that Portal is built in, so its there with IP.Board but you are not forced to use it) :)
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    I just wanted to thank you for such an amazing line of products. I've been with IPS for just under two years now, and I've seen good, great, awesome, and some drama; that really, never needed to happen from specific community members. I've just grown to love this platform and the developers for it, more and more every day. For instance, I decided to shut my old community down, and 3 weeks ago, opened up a new one to the public. After over a year and 3/4 of having my old community up, I had 8922 posts, and 369 members. Now, my new community, grew rapidly after I first mentioned it to the public when making a comment on a Halo: Reach developer blog. My new community, after 2 weeks and 6 days, has been exploding. 5954 posts, 238 members, and an almost constant stream of guests, usually 19+ at a time. My community's online record already hit 80, and it's future is extremely bright. Everybody loves the status update system, and all the features of the community. I'm making short segment videos to explain features, so that the community will easily know how to do a certain thing, such as profile customization. It's really cool, because the members that join, instead of leaving, are staying. I'm a really nice guy, and I ensure that equality amongst everyone is the main goal to keep. But, because of the new status update system, among with notifications, this is so much more simple to do. I've gotten to know each member, by commenting on their statuses, replying when they comment on mine, and so on, and so forth. Members are calling it the "Facebook for the Halo community, only better." It is because of you, IPS, and your openness to suggestions, your willingness for implementations, and your positiveness towards any member, their thoughts, and their opinions. You have created a line of products that can help me realize one of my dreams, and aid me in accomplishing a successful community. Already on the right path, striking down any stray drama that appears, and becoming friends with everyone; I can encourage reinforcing discussions, and see it pay off. Thank you for everything you have done, for your hard work, and any bumps in the road that you have encountered. Any company experiences this if they've reached true success, and you have taken it in the best way for your company, and the people associated with it. I now already have 250 YouTube subscribers in a week, and it seems that on this path, I will soon be a YouTube Partner, making money from Adsense without distracting ads on my forum. Through the many services you've allowed us to integrate with IPB, I am able to continue, and have a social community that is unlike any other. For this I am not only grateful, I am heartfelt at the insurmountable feeling I get whenever I use this amazing piece of software. You, and your team are golden. With Best Regards, -Michael Paton
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    FWIW, the two features I feel (personally, not as a company representative) we should improve the most in the next version (give the most attention to) are the emoticon manager and the calendar. Granted, it doesn't take our entire development team to do that, so it's not like those would be the only 2 things we work on, but I'm pushing for updates to these two specific areas in the next big update (3.2 most likely). It's a team effort and decision, but I'm pushing for changes to this area.
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    I want to be able to rearrange the order of he emoticons.
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    Good idea. I would like to see a better handling of them as well. AT least in version 3 the sidebar is nice and neat inside the fast reply box.
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