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  2. No mate it only starts from the install date you would probably be better off getting a custom add-on made for your item, if you are selling lots of them and constantly then a add-on would make sense, with a add-on the items can do nearly anything you wanted when redeemed, for example I have made add-ons what adds data to another database when redeemed, one what will pop up and ask the members for information to manually post a item to them with a address field etc, items what will start a download of a file when redeemed and so on, it's limitless basically if using custom add-ons, if your interested send me a PM and we can talk more
  3. Thats not been here since 3.1, I moaned about it being removed no end I was in the habit of always using it at the bottom of topics. I'm not sure I'd use it now if it was there as I tend to just use the Unread Content link
  4. Will you be bringing forum jump back in 4.5?
  5. Today
  6. I absolutely support the idea! I feel like I'm reading about myself. +100 πŸ™‚
  7. I think this idea is worth consideration, what do you think? πŸ€” πŸ™‚
  8. We had it in the past. It was removed.
  9. You've made some great progress!! The admin controls look great and very easy to use. The tournament lobby is well put together. I will ask the Dev on the members shop point system how its setup and let you know. Thank you
  10. It's on the todo list. Yes, that's coming with the new criteria system. There won't be an UI, it's just an editor field, but it's quite easy to create the criteria.
  11. Can we have this for blog comments as well I wanted members to answer the question... but also wanted that they cannot read the answer posted by others.... Even I can ask for puzzle and let every one answer and later we can open it for the result..... I can implement my concept now. Thank you
  12. "in the coming weeks"
  13. In respect of our keyword application: I'm very pleased to say that after a lot of work from the developer, it seems that a couple of flaws may have been discovered – but the application has now been updated and installed and everything looks as if it's working very well. Thank you for the help from @CodingJungle on this.
  14. Thank you for this plugin! It's a great fit for my community. Our group uses custom items extensively, though, and we have two things we'd like to see if possible: When a user purchases (and activates) a custom item, they get a pop-up saying it's been used. Would it be possible to also add the event to a user's log? Currently, confirmation is received via PM once it's awarded, but it would be nice if users could also track their purchases through their log, since there's no other way to tell a custom item was bought after it's been used (until it's awarded). Is it possible to have points awarded per word as an option? Not all engagement is equal in our community, and it would be very nice to be able to appropriately reward people who invest more effort into their contributions.
  15. I had some motivation tonight to pursue work on the game as it annoys me these couple days that tournament was not working at all and this feature is probably the most fun part of the game as it puts players to compete with for big prize payout. There are two types of tournament and it will depend on how you configure it. Sit'n'Go and scheduled types. The former is a no brainer, they are always there for you to jump in until it is full, while the latter is scheduled to trigger at a specific date and it can be as many as you want. Furthermore, you have seen so far the game in action but probably wonder how table and timings are made, in this new clip, it will show you how powerful Cubeia poker admin allows one to manage poker configuration with specific game play parameters, payout structures among many of the configs you want players to enjoy. If texas holdem is the only game you like to have, just do not create others. Simply as it sounds. Well, enough said, another milestone is made for me. I keep on last feature as a surprise on next clip. This feature does not come out of the box from Cubeia AGPL code, it requires custom work I've added to make it possible. Until then, enjoy watching tournament play. [Youtube]
  16. Reading everything word for word to this point, this author is "defining" the word "condescending" all by himself. People have a right to ask! This board isn't free! The apps we buy arent free! We are paying customers who see the trend for what it is! And we don't want our continued investment to be for naught! If the author has a problem with that logic, then so be it. Enjoy your freedom of thought. But don't call people out for expressing a real want AND need in today's world. And luckily, for this author, not everyone IS a programmer, or he would have to find a totally different trade to make money from. So let's lay off the 'jerk' tonic and let people ASK for what they are willing to pay for in peace!
  17. Yesterday
  18. Hi Makoto, As feature request, for the reputation replacement on forum view, from the 3 options, only one it good for my need, and that the "After view counter" but this rise issue as it add space for the next thread and look big indeed. So my request if that can be possible to be after replies/view counter in new column. Thanks in advanced. My best
  19. Agreed, a typography appreciating man such as yourself may find appeal in the FA5 literature improvements, I don't really know much about them. Don't get me wrong, v4 was certainly great possibly even awesome in its day, but it's all relative and things obviously move on. No, I don't have actual bench tests to hand. I do recall members here saying they didn't like the v4 caveat in terms of having to load them all at once, other libraries were starting to adopt single icon support. The way the newer variations of SVG and JS are implemented in FA5 offer faster, compressible resources, when you go into the FA5 Dashboard, it tells you which methods are better than others. They're saying FA6 will be improved again, I've no reason to not believe them and that's from the people creating it. In terms of accessibility, FA5 can do more of the ARIA related work for you, less attributes and code in your html page. The performance and efficiency improvements of v4 to v5 were compared, documented and marketed all be it by FA at first upon release of 5, but also by third party websites, especially given the huge number of additional icons, up from I think it was 800 with FA to literally 1000's. All the extra great choice of icons and styles available to site owners and Pro License owners who want to make use of them, but of course the free icons available to all can still be used by IPS and theme designers. Somebody posted a link to their site recently regarding performance caching issues and it was a topic page a mortifying 10.5MB in size and loading all the javascript, CSS and icons in the FA4 doesn't help when you only need to display a handful of icons but your page is bloated with third party ads and trackers. I'm somewhat reminded in general of the old saying, "every bit helps, the old lady said, as she pissed into the sea". Tesco's used a slightly different version in their ads. Seriously, how time consuming would it really have been for IPS to stick with the original loading method of FA4 with the Unicode codes but use a few search and replace regex commands to update the CSS template? https://fontawesome.com/how-to-use/on-the-web/setup/upgrading-from-version-4#name-changes There are even third party scripts out there to save some time: https://stackoverflow.com/a/54179185
  20. https://ckeditor.com/cke4/addon/format
  21. Good waiting for when it will be possible to updateπŸ˜‰
  22. Would it be against TOS here to collaborate on what all we have, comparing and sharing? I seem to have about 700 games myself.
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