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  2. Hey @Claudia999 When I welcome new members in my monthly newsletter, it's two things: 1. General welcome to all new members who joined in the past month. I do a raw dump from the Members List. 2. Highlight of topics from members who introduced themselves.
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  4. Hello man, i love this plugin ! But members don't receive anything after buying vouchers, it's just blank. Any help ? screen after redeem the voucher code, just black screen
  5. Please ensure that the emails used haven't been ones that are either unsubscribed or have been removed from your list as MailChimp will filter those differently when viewing. If the email exists, it will update the user accordingly with the information provided in the configuration. If you would like to PM me access to your community and MailChimp, I can help further clarify this for you.
  6. That’s what I did originally, but it caused all sorts of problems, since I have no control or knowledge of what the theme is actually doing. So I had to enforce a color in the end. You could override it in your theme’s custom.css if it doesn’t look good: .SG_record_right_with_image { background-color: #777777; } Or if that doesn’t work: .SG_record_right_with_image { background-color: #777777 !important; }
    Hello, is it possible to collapse list of members shown? Thank you
  7. When this feature was initially released I was excited to use it. As soon as I saw the registration flow for a free subscription I turned it off, it's terrible. As a developer myself, I know you have to release things and get feedback. IT won't always be right and the perfect release is never released. I'd really like to hope to see this feature be useable soon. The most obvious pattern from our perspective as community owners, seems to have completely slipped past the user stories phase. Fingers crossed 🙂
  8. Hello, i em using 2 templates on my site, one is white and other one is dark. Background on white template in article in ok. But i have problems with dark template background in article is white. When i change color to dark background in article, is stupid when somebody use white theme. Is it possible to change this do theme default color?
  9. Thanks for your reply. Yes, all configured with my API key..... there’s nothing at all logged in the ACP and in Mailchimp it appears to say the request was successful even though nothing is happening. It’s not even updating the “last changed” field on my list of a row exists. its extremely confusing.
  10. @Mike John It would be nice to add some points for uploading a photo in the gallery.
  11. Is it possible to disable past messages if an user enters the chatroom? So the new user can only read the messages since his entry in room?
  12. This plugin will display files from subcategories when the category you're browing hasn't files.
  13. Not sure that’s the best way to go. User will probably send another message. Maybe add a message at the top of the conversation, disallow replies and then delete it after a few days. I’ll give some thought.
  14. I receive tons of messages with support/development requests on my board. I also receive messages with content that could be addressed by anyone else from moderation team, like “I can’t do this” or “I get an error in a specific place”, so yes, depends on how ethical you are!
  15. What's New in Version 2.0.2 Fixed bug related with removing unused codes.
  16. it is not just adding a code. it will require another database table and columns, then you need to edit another 2 database tables to add columns then you need to edit the files so that afer buying the item it will send the data to those tables storing the columns, then you need to write it so that it will duplicate any images linked to the item and re-create them to be placed in the users myitems page database tables, then you need to write a code so that when a user claims the item it will then delete all images linked to that item, it is not about server load, it is about having 1000's of the same images depending how many people buy the items
  17. Hi @Joel R I'm doing 1 and 2. And I've a block with threads with 0 answers so I can help new members quickly. 3) sounds interesting, but what do you do with your described Forum flow? How much new members do you have per month? I've 70 to 100 – it's to much to welcome everyone. Now I've a mixed monthly newsletter – for the newest articles and the most interesting threads and "things" in community. I'm thinking about splitting it into two newsletters so that the community members get more targeted content. In my auto welcome message I'm inviting new members to our weekly chat. But this also means that me or one of moderators should really be in Chat on time.
  18. A conversation which should be private could be turned into a thread visible to the members?
  19. Any help, please? I'm willing to edit the code so the unique images show in myitems. I'm not worried about any possible extra load on my server.
  20. Have you followed the directions to setup the application to your MailChimp list? If so, are you receiving any errors in your MailChimp api log?
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  22. Pleas try to disable apps/plugins to check if one causes the issue because the theme has no issues like that You can also check the demo site and test https://ipskit.com/
  23. No nothing, it’s just not syncing the list of doing anything. No errors at all. I tried registering a new account and that didn’t do anything either. *edit* obviously normal functionality still works. It’s just the plugin that doesn’t.
  24. Could you please elaborate further on how it is not working? Are you seeing errors, etc...
  25. Possible that the PM gets deleted afterwards? 🙂
  26. What’s new in version 1.1.0: Added Allow a topic to be locked or unlocked, and moved, when marked and unmarked. Add support for multiple languages (translatable markers). Make it possible to choose between badge or tag as marker style. Log administrator actions on markers. Fixed Restructure the admin pages for better workflow. Improve the preview of markers in the admin pages. Improve the handling of marked topics meta data. Fix a few small annoyances in the admin pages.
  27. HELP! Thank you for your support... I think I have everything working properly and I added the Widget, but where is the actual chat room? Is there an embedded chat room or only the Invite to link accounts?
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