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  3. no need for real names at all. and the Austrians are crazy, 1984 creeping upon the people more and more.
  4. I think he's basically saying $thename and $lucknumber aren't cast as integers (or float if they are decimals). So you may need to use something like (int) $thename, for example, to set it as an integer. In his example, above, "3.14" is a string instead of an integer, so he then uses (int) to make it an integer or (float) to make it a decimal.
  5. Plugin is now updated: What's New in Version 1.0.0 Fixed social icons animation issue in chrome CSS update
  6. This is a moderation tool, so everyone with proper permission will read notes about ANY member. If the member wants to add a note about himself, he can send a message to himself. Only him will read.
  7. So can this be used to store private notes about members that the members themselves cannot see?
  8. I do not quite understand, php is not my strong suite... Would you please show me in my code how I can do that conversion??? Thx
  9. Thank you!! I took it out, and it worked (I had tried that before) and put it back in and it still works. LOL I love the Amazon tracking ID, but I don't think it works, I see nothing in the url that makes it look like a refered link. Thoughts?
  10. Yesterday
  11. Shouldn't there be a way to reset password within the upgrade routine login? For the second time I just ended up in a situation where I forgot my pw and the site wouldn't load, due to errors from having the new files up, so the only place I could have a page load was the login for upgrade pages. Turns out I had an even older version than I thought on that site... 4.1.16. So luckily had the files to reupload that version and get the reset pw to work. Also I am surprised it even let me reset it. I could have sworn another time when I tried to reset my pw on one of my forum sites it said it wasn't allowed for the root admin account? The reason I ended up in this situation is it was so long since I upgraded, I flat couldn't remember my pow. haha. Also, another problem with that site is bots kept spamming the contact us link... and there was no way to disable the feature, from what I could tell. I haven't even used the site in years because it was impossible to deal with.
  12. Try to remove the google books API key, it should work without. You can also check the error log in the ACP for thread starter errors, if you find any please send them to me via PM.
  13. Hello, I installed this, got the API keys and put them in. I go to the forums, click the thread starter, and no matter what I type into the attach book box, i see zero results. I put in authors, book names, subjects. It's always blank. Suggestions? Thank you!
  14. I've submitted a change for 4.4.4 that will disable preloading of this sound file (meaning, it'll just load on demand when it's needed, rather than on page load).
  15. I thought I asked on here if there were any changes to do to work fine in the latest version and nobody said there was much of anything needing to be done. So we need to be more sure of explicitly casting the types now? I mean I do remember paying more attention to that on my recent app, so maybe I was already using php 7 and noticed it and did all of this... I'll have to look again. Sometimes it's easy to get mixed up and think they're already the proper types. Anyway, do you know of any other things that are frequently needing to be changed in old code to be sure it is fine in php 7? I am going to go look at my php version, because I can't remember. Maybe I tested in it already... edit: I am on 7.0. So, unless his issue started in a version after that, I have tested enough to have seen if I have an issue. I better go update to 7.1+ now, myself, but 7.2 not yet available on my server.
  16. @Fosters i have some members asking about the integration of your app with the sign up of Social Media option? can you maybe think about this mod for the app please, we have a lot of ppl who refer ppl thru social media and then they complain that they didn't get the referral due to the member signing up from one of the option login handlers
  17. Good article. I'm going to have to look into the archive feature. I haven't done that but have some old topics that should probably be archived. Made me think of each of my sites and what stage they are at. @Joel R those Swedish meatballs at IKEA are the bomb!
  18. The file is small. But the whole possible action of this notification is a complicated process and calculation from a browser delayed loading site. IPS needs to find another solution. Here, look at the entire code that a browser needs to process before downloading m3 ... (function($,_,undefined){"use strict";ips.createModule('ips.utils.notification',function(){var supported=("Notification"in window);var sound=null;if(!ips.getSetting('disableNotificationSounds')){sound=new Howl({src:ips.getSetting('baseURL')+'applications/core/interface/sounds/notification.mp3',autoplay:false});} var hasPermission=function(){if(!supported||Notification.permission=='denied'||Notification.permission=='default'){return false;} return true;},needsPermission=function(){if(supported&&Notification.permission=='default'){return true;} return false;},permissionLevel=function(){if(!supported){return null;} return Notification.permission;},requestPermission=function(){if(supported){Notification.requestPermission(function(result){if(result=='granted'){$(document).trigger('permissionGranted.notifications');}else{$(document).trigger('permissionDenied.notifications');}});}},create=function(options){return new notification(options);},playSound=function(){try{if(!ips.getSetting('disableNotificationSounds')){sound.play();}}catch(err){}};function notification(options){this._notification=null;this._options=_.defaults(options,{title:'',body:'',icon:'',timeout:false,tag:'',dir:$('html').attr('dir')||'ltr',lang:$('html').attr('lang')||'',onShow:$.noop,onHide:$.noop,onClick:$.noop,onError:$.noop});this._options.body=_.unescape(this._options.body.replace(/&#039;/g,"'").replace(/<[^>]*>?/g,''));this._options.title=_.unescape(this._options.title.replace(/&#039;/g,"'"));this.show=function(){this._notification=new Notification(this._options.title,this._options);this._notification.addEventListener('show',this._options.onShow,false);this._notification.addEventListener('hide',this._options.onHide,false);this._notification.addEventListener('click',this._options.onClick,false);this._notification.addEventListener('error',this._options.onError,false);if(this._options.timeout!==false){setTimeout(_.bind(this.hide,this),this._options.timeout*1000);}};this.hide=function(){this._notification.close();this._notification.removeEventListener('show',this._options.onShow,false);this._notification.removeEventListener('hide',this._options.onHide,false);this._notification.removeEventListener('click',this._options.onClick,false);this._notification.removeEventListener('error',this._options.onError,false);};};return{supported:supported,hasPermission:hasPermission,needsPermission:needsPermission,permissionLevel:permissionLevel,requestPermission:requestPermission,create:create,playSound:playSound};});}(jQuery,_)); These are 600 milliseconds that delay any site, not just mine.
  19. So the MP3 is loading regardless of whether the user enables browser notifications? That's not very efficient, but it may be the only way to allow users to enable notifications or not... I'm assuming the MP3 itself is small - if not, you could potentially find the file on the server and reduce the size of it further without compromising the sound quality using an online compression utility.
  20. It should be so - but this mp3 is being loaded by every guest and this is a slow loading site. So I'm looking for a solution.
  21. If I am understanding correctly, this is the notification IPS uses if a user allows browser notifications? If that's the case, then it would only affect users who allowed notifications from your site, correct (registered users or otherwise)?
  22. What I can not understand - please comment. notification.mp3 is initiated by the howler.core.min.js, loading is a task of the framework.js. That's good, but why does the start notification.mp3 download request lag behind by more than 600 milliseconds from the end downloading framework.js? If this process does not speed up, then what is the best way to get this resource "preload"?
  23. There’s another resource on marketplace for this.
  24. Hi... explicitly try the conversión e.i.: $num = "3.14"; $int = (int)$num; $float = (float)$num; ADD: https://php.net/manual/en/language.types.type-juggling.php
  25. Awesome - glad to hear it's all sorted! 😄
  26. Is there any chance you'd add an option to ban users from topics? I'm interested in purchasing this product, but I'd need both the ability to ban a user from only a topic in certain cases and then the whole forum section in other cases.
  27. PS. I'm not sure if this was any reason for poor performance, but after this change, my performance increased by 7 points - from 84 to 91 on the Lighthouse test report...
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