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  2. @SoftwareFactory -- this app is amazing. Love what I can do with it so far, and can confirm that the notifications also work for CodingJungle's Babble Chat service, which is excellent. Some ideas for the future... Ability to mix basic and embed style messages. I like the look of the embed links, but would also like to customise it a bit more, and include @ group tags. I don't know how the system compiles the message for Discord, but maybe two fields, one for the title/message (eg. author has posted in topic) and then another field for embed url? So you get a bit of custom text using basic, and then the embed below it. Ability to check for tags/prefixes on content. A condition that looks for any/all of the supplied tags before it sends the notification through to Discord.Or, only sends the notification through if it does not have a particular tag. Useful for situations where you might want a direct notification but only for threads in a particular container that are tagged with "support". Ability to check author member group. Instead of adding all my admins to the "check for author", would be very useful to have a way to send alerts for content posted by only x group in y forum. Set application to not syncronise roles. I really need this, and the ability to turn it off would be awesome. I really just want the epic notifications support. XD
  3. I write situation step by step: 1. I write to another member PM. 2. Another member left conversation 3. I`m alone in conversation. 4. Why I can write message? May be need block to write new messages if 1 member in conversation?
  4. Okay thanks. So here's a general request – would anyone like to share any quizzes they have made using Adriano's application? Either share for free with a link to your website or for a payment? Please send me a message. Thanks
  5. Why exactly do you need permission to add such a feature? It's not like this isn't already possible via the DB. Waiting for IPS5 for such a simple feature is crazy.
  6. They’re able to do it if they want to share. They can export and attach it here so all you need to do is import but I don’t remember anyone doing this, unfortunately.
  7. If I have not misunderstood your question You can contact the advertiser on an expired adv for: "Can you please relist this?" "If you relist this item I will buy it for sure..." and many other situations of this type. For me is not a problem hide this button on expired adverts, but at this point it would be useful to understand what the others think, because I have not received any other complaints about this thing.
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  9. I suppose what I was hoping is that other people who use the quiz app, have prepared their own quizzes and maybe would like to share them with others or even sell them and that they would be available in and in portable form so that one simply import the file and the quiz is ready to go.
  10. I can’t guess what type of questions and answers you, John Doe and Mary Doe wants, that’s why it doesn’t has a “bank” of Q&A and that’s why there’s a import tool. Requests like this seems like install a new forum with a lot of topics and posts with the content you think suits your needs. That’s not possible.
  11. Anyone get much of anything? I'd say I got the least items I've gotten on any Prime Day, HOWEVER I got over $120 in credits for simple things such as gift card purchases, a whole foods purchase, and setting a certain card to default. So it was good in the end... just not for items. Now had I still needed a ps4 pro or switch.... there was a GREAT deal on the ps4 pro at amazon and a great switch deal at Newegg... But I already have both. Over time, Amazon hasn't really had as many good priced items as it originally did... but occasionally it does.
  12. Thanks for this. But do we find them in a format that can be simply imported into your app – or do we then have to do enter them manually. I'm sort of hoping that there is a.CSV file format or something so that ready-made quizzes can simply be added.
  13. Not sure I follow. Forum is one app. Quizzes is another. It has nothing to do with the other. You can find a plenty of questions and answers in Google.
  14. Good luck to build up your community and wish you more active users!
  15. This sounds like a great idea and obviously lots of people like it very much. I have just a couple of questions – firstly, I suppose that it can be set to be used in only one particular sub- forum? Second thing is that I certainly don't have time to devise quizzes. Are there sources of quizzes available – either for free or for payment? Thanks
  16. Agreed. I would have loved the ability to see other members inventories too! Also, is it possible yet to create our own images for items?
  17. Please, where is the logic behind this? I don't understand.
  18. Was there ever a tutorial? I don't remember it. The Pages Database tutorial in Guides was for recipes.
  19. -Sent a private Message @Adriano Faria, as I felt it was personal in nature and didn't want to discuss it here. Thanks for hearing me out.
  20. Hello, // Topic view var forum_id = {expression="(request.app == 'forums' and request.module == 'forums'and request.controller == 'topic') ? \IPS\Output::i()->hiddenElements['nbenhadverts_node_id'] : 0"};
  21. Hello, I'll add this for next release
  22. I try to find tutorial of bug tracker write by ips, but it is no longer there. Any reason?
  23. The ips page content design why hasn't improved? Example, touch the title and show me the content, but right now don't do that, I have to scroll down to find the content.
  24. I really would like to bump this up. I feel like it's a no-brainer to add some type of AMP support in IPB sooner, rather than later.
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