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  2. @TheJackal84 Just purchased and installed. I see the Social Sites and Social Icons options in AdminCP, and I adjusted the Settings (including Display Settings), but I'm not seeing the place to add the icons on a profile (there is no "Social info" option at the top of the profile) -- what am I missing? Thanks.
  3. Sorry. @InvisionHQ: Is it possible to turn off the FEATURED ADVERTS section with the slider? (If so, where/how please?) Also, new question: If I indicate that a particular Category does NOT allow questions (in the Questions & Reviews area), why is the "Notify me when questions are made" toggle being displayed when a user is creating a new ad? Thanks.
  4. I don’t support this resource for at least two years now. Ask @InvisionHQ
  5. Today
    Works fine on 4.4 too, thank you very much :)
  6. About first question, this is not a problem with tutorials or any others... this a error with your app, because when i share a tutorials/uploads/blog etc... i create a topic with member account... but the member don't receive the points. I setup the points to be send when a topic was posted there. Maybe you needs chance the method to cont this topic and give the points. Or if you prefer, i can pay for you fix it for me.
  7. Checking in -- is it possible?
  8. Yeah I checked all the logs, nothing showing. I've deactivated Friendly URLs, the forum itself works, but pages that doesn't know. It must be something to do with routing them.
  9. One last thing: did you check the system log error to see if there’s something in there?
  10. A new version was released. ATTENTION this is a RC version! Changehistory
  11. I do believe. Let me know when you got replies in your ticket.
  12. Hasn't made any difference, I had already disabled Quizzes before to check if it's interfering, so I'm confident it isn't anything to do with Quizzes, I think the timing was just a coincident.
  13. If you have access to your ACP, download the previous version (Beta 7) and upgrade your install to see how it goes.
  14. I've tried the support tool to no success. Sent a support ticket, just got to hope it's quicker than 48 hours as my site is currently down 😞
  15. Can't reproduce. Just upgraded from Beta 7 to Beta 8 and everything else keeps working as it should: The fix provided has nothing to do with FURL or something; it was a couple of edits in two specific PHP files and one template. It may be probably some cache issue on your site. Run the support tool to clear it.
  16. Is there some way I could display the description in the profile tab?
  17. Not sure if it helps, but all of my menu buttons no longer work - they were working before the upgrade. I've also lost all links to 404s, including trying to open a topic: The requested URL /topic/1905-anyone-awake-in-the-officers-mess/ was not found on this server.
  18. Thanks Adriano, That fix worked and I was able to upload the XML, however something else seems to have broken in the meantime. When clicking the quizzes link in the navigation, it comes up with a 404: The requested URL /quizzes/ was not found on this server. The button is set to the default: Did I do something wrong during the upgrade? Regards Luke
  19. you will need to speak to the people who make them apps and ask them to add the ability for that, I personally can't support all 3rd party apps myself, Adraino has this app so possibly could do it but I reckon it will be if lot's of people request it
  20. If this is a 'normal' bug, you need to information this on product page. I will read all reply. And about what i ask before?
  21. the only other bug needed fixing what others posted is the one in the ACP when manually awarding points to members, I think 1 other had the problem you have with a error on the front and that was fixed for them months ago and that is cos it clashed with another
  22. IPS removed it. I believe there were similar reports a few pages back in this thread.
  23. pretty sure you can't delete reviews yourself and you only get 30 days to edit them here this is a bug unique to your site no one else, but I know the reason and you will get it fixed for the update it's fine leave it, reviews don't bother me 1 star or 5 star makes no difference 90% of reviews are posted when people get a bug like I have said many times, and I currently have 39 unread PMs not just 1 so it's not just as easy as sending a quick PM to each and every one
  24. I left a five star review until my issue went ignored for almost an entire month, as I reported the issue on July 25th. I adjusted the review (deleted and reposted) after giving plenty of time to support my issue. This was not a feature request or an addition, but the fact that the application I paid for was totally broken on my board. It's one thing for an application that is free or community supported to have this sort of issue, but I am a paying customer. I've purchased multiple add-ons from you and to be without support when one completely refuses to function is a very frustrating experience. I have no issue updating my review when an appropriate fix is put out; my members love the application when it works. The problem is, right now, it doesn't. I've been in the dark for support on something I've paid for for my community, and a little "hey, things are rough right now, I'll address in approximately x timeperiod" would have been nice.
  25. 2.2 - Added new badge customizable from ACP - Resolved fluid width secondary bg after and before - Changed the style of User Options in post bit by Adrian Faria
  26. 2.2 - Added new badge customizable from ACP - Resolved fluid width secondary bg after and before - Changed the style of User Options in post bit by Adrian Faria
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