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  3. I'm going to ask two very stupid questions because I can't for the life of me figure it out. 1) How do I access the portal manager? I found the settings and where to add blocks but now how to arrange the page. 2) I have your Donations mod, how can I create a block for it on the portal? Is that possible? Thanks! Brian
  4. it doesn't create topics, you can pull videos links from topics and post (among other nodes). most of the css for the images are at the top of default.css, i'm not entirely sure what you mean by "auto fit" (i'm not really a front end dev, i'm a back end dev, so i try to keep the style/html to a minimum). for anyone interested, I have beta up of babble 2.8 on my site: https://codingjungle.com/babble/
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  6. Gallery: Main Nav: I'm glad for the horizontal option, but the Vertical option should also pull from the Menu Manager built into IPS rather than having to be built separately.
  7. Thanks. That's what I should have done, but it being my first build I didn't realize there was even an issue. I thought you pick RAM, it works at advertised speeds on all mobos, finished. The listed speed is mighty close to the limits. I believe the mobo limit is 3466 and this is 3200. However, the RAM manufacturer says it's unlikely to have an issue getting to 2933 (I asked them about that speed specifically, because on some mobos even QVL RAM is shown to run at 2933 even if the speed listed is above that) and that basically if someone knows what they are doing in the BIOS they could still get kits running at their best. I'm still trying to decide, really. I could get a kit that is also 32gb and either 3000 or 3200 for a pretty good price, but I'd lose a ton reselling this, so I don't know... From now on, if I build another one, I will leave RAM until absolutely last where I am sure of my mobo and its QVL.
  8. Hi, Is it possible to add a feature? Is it possible to send an Automatic PM for every item when a member redeems a custom item? Right now, there is only an option to send a sentence through the vouchers addon but I would like to send an automatic PM when the user redeems and not when I fulfill the custom item. Also, are there any other new features in the works? Thanks!
  9. ... Yea agree, just seen this, the header is actually at the very bottom of the club (inside the club) and that is......well crazy, as the header should show first? In agreeance with you @Sonya*
  10. While blog entries from the public clubs are shown on the community blog index, the events of the public club cannot be find on the community calendar. Even if I choose All calendars they are not displayed.
  11. It looks indeed better with the header. But we cannot use this view because of the mobile view: in the mobile view the menu of the club is placed after activity stream. It means one has to scroll down to find a club card info (somewhere in-between the page) and then navigate. Nobody would do it.
  12. On Calendar, titles are truncated if they are longer than the row can contain. Good for one-day events but not for those which span several days: The month view on this calendar isn't as pretty as IPS's but it does hold one clear advantage when it comes to multi-day events: It would be nice to see the same spanning rather than truncation in IPS's Calendar app too.
  13. If the speed of your non-QVL RAM is well below the limits the mobo can support, try it and see. But if it's right near the upper limit, I'd always go with RAM that is on the vendor's QVL list, personally. I've always used listed RAM simply because I don't want the possible headache.
  14. The cards view is fancy, but there is too few characters of title that are shown on the card. Example: If we have 10 schools in different cities then it is difficult to recognize what club is for what city. The full names of the clubs in this example: International school of management Cologne International school of management Hamburg The same for forum cards.
  15. You could try the other option of this global setting: While I understand your criticism, I doubt they want to restyle the blogs look based on where its shown.
  16. Oh my dear, indeed I'm registered since 2007, wasn't aware of that long time. But to be honest, I only registered to just take a quick look and not really tested all functions because the software wasn't my taste (at that time). I'm really deeper in since maybe two years.
  17. But in IPS "blog" different authors (not only community owners) write content: If one purpose of Pages is to be a blog of the owner then the club owners should have this feature as well. Right now using Pages is not possible in the club and at the same time only club owners can write in the clubs blog. Additionally club news from the blog are looking quite weird. I think if IPS would use blogs itself (also within clubs) they would better recognize the weakness.
  18. Our clubs started to have blogs recently to publish their news. Unfortunately blog and blog entry within club look very messy: Here is the example of blog with double header: one from club and the second from the blog And here is the example of the blog entry: The mobile view is also weird. I think there should be another blog header and blog entry header if shown within club. Sonya
  19. There is that, although I thought in a way it was in the past as most would prefer to choose their own. IPB2x as you know had built in galleries for them, I just mention this last point given your reg date 🙂 I know you've been here erm "a while" much like me! 😄 Having said that, I just looked at the highest content contribution from my membership. The top five here (including me) only two others have uploaded an image of their own. Looking generally it seems to be roughly about 50/50 on if they have added their own or not. I do have a non-standard 'by default' one though. I'm not on the latest version but I won't go into why here as its off topic and the answer is not what you'd expect. 🙂 EDIT... Perhaps the solution here is for a third party developer to recreate / create some kind of 'Gallery Profile Images' (avatars) for members to pick from for those who require such functionality on later versions.
  20. Thank you! I have figured out, that it uses picture only if uploaded, but not the club image by default used for the clubs cards.
  21. It uses the header image if there is one, since it is picture-based like a newspaper/magazine homepage. You can check it out on the demo page: https://www.opentype.space/superblocks/
  22. If a user dismisses the profile completion (cool stuff b.t.w.) it would be nice if it comes up again after maybe 14 days or any other number we could add.
  23. I would use it or NCAA and NFL games. I loved it am miss it
  24. You can upload your own image. You can either change the setting to use an upload field or leave it capture the screenshot (using any image provider available) and go to the Link Actions menu and choose the Upload Image option to replace the capture.
  25. On the image does it have to be an image of the site? Or can members upload their own pic for a cover pic or thumbnail?
  26. Me too 🙂 Can help for dev too if needed
  27. In my experience there were a lot of members choosing avatars from a given selection when I was on vBulletin. Now if I check the latest 100 registrations only 13 have uploaded an own avatar.
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