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  2. The problem is that some wants this, others may not want and email subject must be a language bit.
  3. Supporting a store front within clubs would require a fairly huge change from how our commerce software works presently. I know the suggestion has been posted in the feedback forum already, and we will evaluate it, but this isn't something we'll just drop in and do in a minor release.
  4. Good to hear IPS is available to support custom services. Can I ask here about posibility of ips implement Store app inside the clubs?
  5. If current customer had this theme please send me PM
  6. Suggestion: It would be very good if we could insert the variable %s into the subject title. At the moment it doesn't seem to translate into the sender's name.
    Brilliant idea. Highly configurable. I understand that a future version may start to collect a few statistics as to how often it has been used et cetera. That would be very useful
  7. I would recommend using something that already exists and is well tested. If you try to build something this large from the ground up, not only will it take a very long time and require a lot of money to fund the development, but every single problem (bug) will have to be rooted out from the ground up (vs an already available and tested software where beta testing and bug fixing has/is already occurring). What to use specifically? Well, I can only recommend our software. For the LMS portion of this, since you indicated you have a budget to fund that development and are uninterested in using third party resources, you could always email sales@invisionpower.com to get in touch with our custom services department. But if you were looking elsewhere besides our software, you'll probably get better and more balanced recommendations posting on a neutral third party site.
  8. Finally finished creating my community platform - https://hypelance.com/ Aimed at freelancers, entrepreneurs and content creators. Pretty happy about this.
    I have a problem and he fix it very fast. Nice support. And a good man. Good job. I prefer this server list! Much better.
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  10. Hi Joel! Thanks for your reply. Actually this will be a very big project and a more than good budget will be provided so I wouldn't want to put it toghether with third party stuff.
  11. There are multiple third party apps from the IPS Marketplace that can accomplish what you want, but they're third party. This means that support, development, and future releases are not guaranteed. If you're building an LMS, you're probably better off using an off the shelf LMS solution that is designed specifically for LMS.
  12. How do i change what the error message says if they dont have permission to view it?
  13. Hi, What would be the best choice to build a huge website upon? Should I use a framework or build a completely custom platform? I'm planning to build a very complex learning management site where main functionalities would be: videos, audios, quizzes, chats, payments, messaging, users can interact with each other. One of the development companies I contacted said they would use WordPress for this, but I'm not so sure it's a good idea. The website will have a large user base (millions) very quickly and I expect it to be very busy. I'm not sure WordPress can handle such a big traffic and user activity. So what kind of technologies or framework would you recommend? Thanks
  14. 1) What a pity... What's up when the advert expire ? What's the difference with "active" ? 2) I think I mistaked, sorry. I thought the warning message was on the top of the page, but it displays below each field. That's good. So there's no conflict with Guidelines.
  15. I don't think so, sorry. 1. Yes it's a normal behaviour. 2. can you give me the steps to reproduce this thing?
  16. Thank you I'll try that – but in terms of it being a modified theme, the only thing that has changed are the colours. Invision treats it as a standard theme when it comes to upgrades so from that point of view it is not at all modified. I'll try the support tool as you say. --------------------------------------------------- Thank you. That fixed it.
  17. I can access it directly via URL, which means that the app is installed and working. You have a modified theme and probably it isn't find the HTML to add the icon. Test it on a "stock" default theme. Run the support tool; it can probably be a cache issue.
  18. Hi, Congratulations for your application. i'm a new user of your application and probably, I missed something. 1) When an advert has expired, "contact advertiser" doesn't disappear and members can see it. Is it a normal behavior ? How to avoid it ? 2) If a advertiser forget something when he fill in the form, a warn message appear on the top of the page. But when you fill in the guideline, the warn message don't appear. Is it normal ? Many thanks !
  19. I have sent you a message about this. It appears to install correctly and I have configured it – but the sharing icon does not appear at the top of the page in any view.
  20. Updated to 1.1.1 New Features Added a setting allowing you to show the total online users in chatrooms via a little notification on the nav bar Added a setting allowing you to choose if you want to allow members to be able to click the names in the message and online lists to mention users easier Added a setting allowing you to choose if you want to add the members group formatting to the members names ( Coloured Names ) Added the bad words filter to the messages This will do a loose match ( Don't have to be a exact match ) on your bad words replacing any bad words with your chosen replacement Global pop up chat box Added some sliding effects for when hiding / showing / increasing the size / decreasing the size Added some JS / jQuery to the global pop up chatbox settings so that it will no longer reload the page when changing rooms All Chatrooms / Pop up box / Widgets Added a effect to fade in new messages Added a effect to fade out deleted messages
  21. @Upgradeovec, for our needs we would like to have main views dependent on the language. Especially blocks and activity streams. If user have chosen English as a language then he should see only items (nodes) in this language. And blocks. And activity streams filtered by his language. And we also need RSS dependent on the language to export into other resources. Another "issue" would be: It is also not enough just to use cookies for Google for this solution. Google prefers different URLs for the multi-language sites: https://support.google.com/webmasters/answer/182192?hl=en So, there should be very deep change in the suite URL structure so that Google is not confused by different languages mixed together on one project.
  22. For the 'comment' type of data, I see no way for any right solution. Translators always working very bad and this feature (as I think) can't be a regular part of normal using. And this looks a little bit strange to see the topic, where commenters write in different languages. Anyway, this talking might be very long and this is outside of the main proposal - adding a language selector to the 'Container' element (Forums) of Items (Topics). This way looks clear, simple and becomes like a good starting point for other useful features.
  23. No, it’s not a bug. The plugin has settings where you can chose to either show more or less images, or hi-res and lo-res images depending on the content type. And as said before, there needs to be a proper image in the content to begin with.
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