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  2. Hello, I think it would be better/easier make this with app. Page on ACP with list of walls
  3. it was a leftover debug call that my clean up script didn't catch (it usually converts the \IPS\Log::debug()). i've uploaded a new version that has fixed this.
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  5. Hi InvisionHQ, I just bought one of your apps and its giving me an error. Please check your private messages. Thank you! 🙂

  6. Thanks , will try it I really do not know what this is not available as a core feature The assumption that the suitable user interface language is always the windows language is not valid for a considerable number of users in several non English speaking countries
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  8. This is the plugin by the way 3 years ago I downloaded it and left this review. Funny as I do remember installing it now, my board ran into issues later and removed plugins to see if this fixed my problem. It did, this is when I had to start looking through the templates myself to figure out how it worked and made the template changes since. One of the main problems with plugins, compatibility issues with other plugins.
  9. I’ll let you off this time. Just a bit frustrated that’s all. They brought a tagging system where some topics were tagged planned, not planned etc. Great idea it was, sadly didn’t last long, few got tagged and that was that. I don’t expect developers to respond to each and every suggestion, or that every suggestion should be included, but it does feel like this board now is nothing more but a place for third party plugin developers to jump on you and sell their wares, once the OP has been satisfied the topic drops down the page and that’s that. I’m not out to put these guys out of business, they are needed, but I’d just like a bit more interaction I guess from IPS. Even the bug tracker has been pulled now leaving us in the dark, I always feel guilty opening tickets in the client area over possible bugs, asking myself would someone already have reported this or not, I don’t want to be the 100th person of the day to say “this ain’t working”. Online list? That’s gone as well, you may not see who’s online on this board. It’s all becoming a bit hidden, secretive and I don’t like it. Is there a male menopause? I might be at that age now, I’m off for a lie down.
  10. I seem to be having some trouble editing blocks I've added. When I add a new TXT block, I'm able to edit it just fine. And save it, and edit it again. Just fine. Unless I reload the page. If I try and reload the page after I've edited it. It loads for a few seconds, then nothing shows up. And it doesn't let me edit it any more. At all. Same with the PHP too. Other blocks I can edit just fine. The forum is currently running IPS 4.4.3. And We had the IPS4 phpTxt widget, till I updated to the IPS44 phpTxt widget in hopes to fix this problem. But it still remained. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Or if you need any more info, let me know. I'm not really sure what all information is relevant to this issue. Thanks!
  11. A quick note though, if you have the Gallery app you can link members to that to set an avatar as well. Image Tools > Set as "Profile Photo". Another recommendation would be to enable Profile completion to encourage your new members to upload a photo.
  12. Yo @day_ Pretty sure there's a plugin for a suggestion box in the Marketplace too! LOL The reason why I think it's still useful for people to share third-party apps and plugins in the Marketplace for feedback topics is because it gives an option to community admins to immediately address their concern. Marketplace plugins are immediately available, and they can be costed and analyzed right away. It doesn't lessen or replace Invision's review of the suggestion, and it's not a replacement for an official IPS solution or response, but it does give admins the opportunity to assess all of their options right now whether first party or third party.
  13. Sold the cpu and mobo already, so definitely building with the upcoming ones "unless" the date they announce in a few days is so far out to where I'd rather catch a deal on the same cpu I just sold without losing anything. I've got to force myself not to be tempted to wait on 10th gen intel. That is justw ay too long to push this out. Believe it or not, I basically broke even on parts, even though I bought them a long time ago. I bought them on a special deal that was $105 off and I got another $87 off in gift card discounts, $10 bacjk via a rebate, etc... So what I did here was lose my amazing deal, but cash-wise I almost exactly broke even and will get the newer tech for no loss compared to others. Now, as far as extra money I'll be out due to the cost of the new ones vs. what I am receiving for these sales, we'll see... I dragged this all out just trying to get good prices. lol. The time ahs come to where I cannot do that for the new cpu and mobo. I will buy those immediately upon release.
  14. Feels like half the time suggestions are made these days they are responded with there’s a plugin for that. I’m sure there is, but does that mean it shouldn’t be considered by the developers to be included out the box? For what it’s worth both myself and the OP have stated we have made template changes for this behaviour so a plugin isn’t required. It’s not a wild suggestion either as it works this way on other software, saying that I’ve not looked at vBulletin for years now since they sold up and it turned into donkey poo. Yes streams have this behaviour but not all users enjoy using streams, no matter how prominent you make them, in many cases I don’t use them either as even on this board they can be slow to open. Why introduce fluid view also if streams are the way to navigate these days? I personally find fluid view is actually better than streams on certain boards including this one, tick off the boards I’m not interested and away I go. Give users the choice, you don’t have to make the change global for everyone, make it a user setting that I and other users can enable on Invision Power boards we visit.
  15. I'll take a look during the weekend to see if they have changed their API.
  16. Hi Adriano. Not sure if you can help. I've selected screenshotmachine for my links. It was working fine. All of a sudden I'm getting their invalid hash image. I still have a free account with them so I can't get support. Have you seen this before? As for the hash, not sure where to enter it on our end. All I can input on our end is the Customer Key. Thanks!
  17. Hello, this is the support topic for Enhanced Default style
  18. There's a Remove Format button you can add to the editor that will allow you to highlight and select only certain parts. That could work as well.
  19. Thanks, number 2 sounds good! Number 1: this will unfortunately also destroy the rest of the layout, which I actually want to keep 😞
  20. 1. When you copy text, you'll see an option at the bottom of the editor to Remove all formatting. This will strip out any links. 2. Yes this is a setting in the ACP to allow remote images and save a local copy. Hope this helps 😁
  21. There's a Marketplace plugin that will allow you to achieve what you want.
  22. ok, so I need to be more patient than that... sorry...
  23. While I’m not against the change, I feel like it’s asking to fix symptoms of an illness and not the illness itself. When people are opening individual forums to read on already opened posts, it feels like this is unnecessary cumbersome—especially on mobile. Personally, I never do that. I use the activity feeds only, because I can see everything at a glance and I don’t have to explore individual forums one by one. And I make sure my activity feeds are very prominent on the site, so my users also go with them.
  24. A couple of suggestions for a future update: I have created two forums that utilise the ThreadStarter Movies app one for Movies and one for TV Series. I have noticed that your app can display TV series taken from the movie database. So I have two forums but using the widget I was wondering if there was any way you could separate Movies from TV series on the widget so that only movies appear in the movies forum and TV series only appear in the TV forum when using the widget; something in the settings perhaps. I mentioned a suggestion regarding the forum listing, but you may have missed it. In another software a third party developer devised a similar app to your own, but the forum listing looks so much more polished and I was wondering if you could do something similar - screenshot below: Thanks as always for bringing us great apps that add to the flavour of our sites. 👍
  25. This is my biggest annoyance with the software, and something I have posted on numerous occasions but the powers that be do not seem interested unfortunately. Apparently some people prefer to start on page 1 every time they open a thread, I can only assume they have never completed reading a book! 🤷🏻‍♂️ Like you I have to edit templates for to avoid the zooming for the dot. Bonkers but that’s how it is.
  26. New one works perfectly (tested on two groups, two browsers). Thank you!
  27. Just wanted to comment that for large communities we tend to generate the lions share of our revenue from advertising. This relies on page views to generate ad impressions. I've been wary of PWAs for this reason. Can anyone fill in the blanks on how a PWA won't decimate ad impressions (and revenue)? I typically turn off any significant Ajax features that impact this already.
    awsome template! and eccelent support
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