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V4.7.17 upgrade duplicated custom theme settings

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I just updated my site to 4.17.7 from the previous version and I noticed my themes were looking different. Upon closer inspection I found that the upgrader duplicated some but not all of my custom theme settings, but excluded the values they were actually set to, meaning that whatever the original setting was set to, the duplicate was overriding it with a default value, hence overriding the original version of the setting.


Could contain: Electronics, Mobile Phone, Phone, Text

Super annoying.



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Hi @Marc Stridgen

Thanks, yes they are Custom Theme Settings (the software platform provides them) and I’m the author of the themes. I’m going to have remove them all which should fix the problem, but ideally I’m looking for some reassurance; why did it happen and how do I prevent it from happening again? No update has caused this previously before, so I’m assuming there’s something awry with the updater that is duplicating certain custom theme settings on child themes?

Many thanks.

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