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Can we get folder option for stock replies feature in IPS v5?

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The stock reply feature in IPS v4 is one of the best features introduced. As a one-man band, having to respond to customer support daily via private messages, I get asked the same questions by different customers all the time. If two or more customers ask me the same question, I create a detailed response and save it to stock replies. This has saved me a lot of time having to type responses manually. The stock replies also make it very self-satisfying, knowing I can send a detailed support response 24-7, no matter where I am located.  I could be out and about or even wake up at night to check my phone and reply to support instantly. My stock reply list is now very long, and I would like to be able to organize it more by having folders for different subjects, which would make it faster to select the reply I want. If IPS has some free time, can you look into evolving the stock replies feature to include more options?


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