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search-index not updated after "post" content change

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I'm using the API (HTTP POST on https://XXXXXX/api/forums/posts/{id}) to correct the content of some messages.

To find the bad content I want to correct, I use a search expression (helps the API again).

But once I corrected the content, a new search call still finds the initial uncorrected content. Indeed, the search index has not been updated with the new content.

My question is how will the search index be updated? Is it automatically after some time or do I have to rebuild manually the complete index?

PS: I also did a test by using the "edit" function available for admins on the Web page (=> not using the API), and the result is the same: no search index update.


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On 6/3/2024 at 6:38 PM, bernhara said:

using the GUI, and the result is the same

I may correct this claim. If I ask to display that the message has been edited (helps the checkbox), the search index for this specific message seems to updated. But I'm not absolutely sure.😏

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