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Within my industry community my forum was tapped to be included on an AI initiative to pool together our resources to create a corpus of knowledge to train our own AI to provide a resource to the greater community as a whole. 

I am deciding the method to best be used as cadence to provide new data points to our model. Web hooks pushing data out as it is created or creating a middle where to poll with API requests to fetch data.  We have discussed at least at a high level plans to mitigate PII from being introduced to our model.

As I have raised concerns in the past in the current platform there is no way to restrict what is liberated via web hooks, for myself I would like to control egress of this data at the source and not have to write middleware to strip it or rely on the sole on the final process to trap all PII data.

Have any of you embarked on this path for our industry/community?

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