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Can't bring an upgraded site back online

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I upgraded a neglected site of mine two or three weeks ago, and noticed yesterday that my neglect extends to putting it back online! However, I can't! If I click save, nothing happens. I can save other settings but not this particular one. My console shows an error in https://domain.com/applications/core/interface/plupload/plupload.full.min.js:

Form submission failed, as the <SELECT> element named 'site_address[region]' was implicitly closed by reaching the end of the file. Please add an explicit end tag ('</SELECT>')

There's an instruction there on what to do but a) having looked at the file I'm not sure how to do it, b) I don't think I should be editing core files anyway, and c) that particular file is identical to the equivalent one in another of my sites, which did successfully upgrade.

I'd be grateful if a team member could take a look, please. It's the license which starts PQJA.

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