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Gallery: Upload/Assign Image to More Than One Album

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I've suggested some improvements to Gallery in terms of usergroup posting access and connectivity with CMS Pages (and custom fields) before, but I wanted to add another one to the mix that I think would be really useful for communities that want to leverage Gallery as a media resource and avoid duplication of images/uploads.

Could we see an option to place an uploaded image into more than one Gallery album? For example, say I set up two gallery categories:

  • "Character Artwork", and
  • "Game Artwork" 

and I upload an image of a game character into an album called 'George' in "Character Artwork"... but I'd also like the image to be visible in another album called 'George and the Great Chase' in "Game Artwork" as it is related.

At present, my only option here is to upload the same image twice - once in Character Artwork > George and another time in Game Artwork > George and the Great Chase.

If we had the ability (at a usergroup permissions level) to place the uploaded image into multiple albums, (or edit existing images to place them in multiple albums after upload) that would be a great QOL feature for communities wanting to set up a shared media space.

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