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Word Filters don't work as expected

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If we define "x.com" for example as a word filter to Replace with "****" matching Loosely, it only replaces the displayed text but not the underlying URL in the link if the user entered https://x.com (it still results in a clickable link as https://**** that is pointing to x.com). If the user manually inserted a link text x.com with the URL as https://x.com using HyperLink popup, the same issue manifests and results in a clickable link. This should actually result in an invalid/broken link (actually plain text due to **** in the URL) as per the filter definition and as expected behavior.

Block Submission type works the same as above.

Hold for Moderator Approval does not work at all as the link or word filter gets submitted immediately skipping the moderation step.

Please replace the filtered words in the displayed text as well as the underling URL because without it, Word Filters are not much of use.

Also provide a Notes field to record reasons for each word filter to indicate what they are for internal reference.

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