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Converted Calender Dates A Day Behind.

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Hello, as in my previous post I have recently had my old Vbulletin 4 Forum converted to Invision Community. Things have been mostly fine I do however have an issue with my calender events. The converted events are a day behind. For example below

The Thursday Events should be on Friday.
and the Friday Event should be on Saturday.

Our Imported events calender goes back to 2007 and the dates all seem to be suffering from the same issue. What can I do to remedy this other than change the events manually?

Thank you.

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If they're all consistently 1 day behind, it could be a timezone conversion issue. 🤔

Adding 1 day to all UNIX timestamps in the database with a query might solve the issue. but it would be better to find out why it happened first. It could be a bug in the converter. If it's a bug, fixing it and reconverting the events would be the best option.

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