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How do I add an item from the store directly to the card?

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Hello everyone;

I'm trying to obtain the IDs of products for my own pages. However, I think I need the help of more experienced friends on how to accomplish this. Thanks to everyone who helps me find a way to add a product directly to the cart in the PHP file below.

When I go to this address from the browser, it goes to the cart page, but no product is added.


<a href="http://www.mysite.com/card.php?id=2">Add to cart</a>


$path = '';
$_GET['app'] = 'nexus';
$_GET['module'] = 'store';
$_GET['controller'] = 'cart';

require_once $path . 'init.php';
if (\IPS\Request::i()->id)
    $_SERVER['HTTP_REFERER'] = '';
    $disp = \IPS\Dispatcher\External::i();
    \IPS\Request::i()->csrfKey = \IPS\Session::i()->csrfKey;
    die("No ID passed");
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