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HTTP 500 error after turning on plug ins.

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Morning all,


So last night I did an upgrade of the forum software then went to bed. Woke up to messages saying that people were not able to post. My team member turned off all the integrations but it made no difference. I took a look this morning and realised he missed some plugins so I turned them all and and service was restored. In an effort to find which plugin it was I started turning things back on. Most of it was back on when suddenly I'm not getting a 500 error. The site and the admin panel are down which is strange (https://www.celica-club.co.uk/forum/index.php?act=idx). The plugin should not have taken down the admin panel as well? As the admin panel is down I cannot turn it back off.


I still have access to the admin panel for the server and the cpanel. I tried a quick server and services reboot but no change. Had a look at error log on cpanel and found the following.


[Wed Sep 20 01:24:12.390618 2023] [cgi:error] [pid 6613] [client] AH02811: script not found or unable to stat: /home/greg/public_html/start.pl


Looks like a script is missing? I do have a full backup but would prefer to now have to use it if possible simply because it will take hours and it looks like all I need to do is replace the script?


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