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Standard license and Backup request

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Yes, "Standard" isn't a license name but rather any Cloud plan that isn't enterprise 🙂 . You can submit a ticket and ask for a backup at any time. It is worth mentioning though that we take rigorous backups that should fit any need so if your concern is only around restoration, we have you covered 😉 

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10 minutes ago, I_cant_Swim_ said:

Does this mean that there is no difference in backup content between a requested one and your own recurrent ones?

Backup which we provide you is manual and in-the-moment. Whereas our scheduled ones are scheduled. In terms of data that is restored, there is no difference.

11 minutes ago, I_cant_Swim_ said:

Also none in backup storage or restoration issues?

Not sure what you mean by "none in backup storage". As far as restoration issues, we test and execute our restoration strategy frequently. 

14 minutes ago, I_cant_Swim_ said:

 How frequent are your automatic backups, approximately?

Daily, weekly, and we also have a complex manner to obtain point-in-time for anything which may be catastrophic, or daily/weekly is corrupt/otherwise unavailable in a unique situation.

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