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making role access exclusive

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Hello. I need to allow a Content Provider (CP) access to a specific area of the forum, where CP has special privileges. So, CP group created, privileges set, works fine. However, if I want to optionally allow some individuals within the  CP group member access also, set as secondary group, he inherits CP group special privileges for all member accessible regions.

How do I make it so that special (non-member) privileges are exclusive to the forum areas I defined, when I add a secondary group?

Any help appreciated

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Im not sure I understand the question there, as you appear to have answered it there. You would create a secondary group, and give that secondary group permissions to the forums you wish them to have access to

Note that permissions are additive. So for example

Group 1 has access to forum 1 and 2

Group 2 has access to only forum 3


If you give a member group 1, and a secondary group of group 3, they would have access to all 3 forums

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