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Selling Products, Courses and Subscriptions limits and bugs


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We have 3 ways to sell our services but some times we need to combinate different services in a single sell. And IPS not let to sell all combinations needed.

This settings will be a great feature for upcoming updates:

  1. Include course in subscription: Now we can set inicial price and renewal price, only need to enroll in course or courses with subscription. The same function like groups, enroll to X and Y courses and option to reset enroll if purchase expires or is cancelled. Here it is important to consider how we manage course enrolls in upgrades and downgrades. Because diferent subscriptions can enrolled the same course, so shouldn't pay full price.
  2. Let to sell courses to guest users: Now needs to register before buy a course, I have "Require Subscription Purchase" set to allways so isn't user friendly. First buy and pay a subscription and then buy and pay a course .... It looks like a "scam".
  3. Now with "Require Subscription Purchase" set to allways if any user buy a course but cancell your subscription can't access to the course, IPS requires to renew or buy a new subcription and then you will can view your course again. Isn't correct, the user paid for a course. Here you should analize this function and combine subscriptions with courses and digital products to let access allways for a bought content.
  4. Course, products and/or subcriptions requirements. For exemple to let buy a subscription X you can bought and complete the Z course previously.

It is all at the moment, if I detect more features will add here.


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