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Notification badge number disappear after a second of showing

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Hi everybody. 
We have this issue in our community, spotted by one of our members, whenever a notification number appears it disappears right away (in a second approx.). 
This doesn't happen every time, so it is an intermittent bug, hard to reproduce and capture. 

Do you have any idea what could be causing it and the solution we may apply? thanks!

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4 hours ago, Marc Stridgen said:

There isnt a reason that I can think of that this would be happening. Is this happening on any specific type of notification at all?

No, at least with mentions, reactions, and custom notifications. I impersonated the account, I sent four notifications, the first two disappeared, then the other two remained, my guess was something flushed after I sent the notifications in a row. 

10 minutes ago, Miss_B said:

Does it happen only to that member or to other members as well? 

Only one user reported it so far, as his account has nothing special, made us wonder if this could be happening to other members as well. 

Thanks both for your answers. 

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22 hours ago, Marc Stridgen said:

If you can give step by step instructions to reproduce, including which pages you were on at the time (any others also that may have been open in other tabs too), and we can then see if we can reproduce it in testing

So far, we've been doing tests with "patient zero", and we could not reproduce the error, so I decided we can close the ticket and be aware if the bug re-appears. 

Thanks for your attention 

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