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Migration Problem SMF 2 to IPS Cloud - Ban Lists


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We recently migrated to IPS. I've just become aware that none of the account name bans have carried across - I can live with that. What is more troubling is that more than 700 accounts* which have ever been suspended (over 19 years) - including a large number of account holders who requested 'time-out' limited suspensions - have had their IP and email addresses banned.

* It is actually half that amount, but for some reason they all are entered twice, under two different dates.

I can resolve this, but I have to go through each and every IP 'ban' and each and every email address 'ban', one-by-one, and remove them from the list.

I am not happy - the converter obviously does not handle bans correctly - I need a more practical solution than removing more than 1,400 entries, one-by-one.

Thank you.

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