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Petition for Commerce Improvements


Commerce Improvements  

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Commerce Feedback: Voiced but Unheard

Commerce is in need of some dire improvements considering it is a life-support system for many communities.

Recurring recommendations have been made for years but left unheard. While we understand that Commerce and especially payment method integration requires a lot of development, I think we can all agree on its necessity and the importance of a good customer experience.


Previous Feedback: 2018 -> 2023

  • Payment Method Display:
      • Could contain: Electronics, Mobile Phone, Phone, Person, Page, Text, Face, Head, File, Texting





At the end here I'm just going to tag any staff or user that has previously shared their thoughts on topic.


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We do have changes that we want to make within the commerce area of the software for future releases. So we very much welcome all feedback of course. I would however point out here that "Unheard" is incorrect. All feedback is looked at, however, not everything will make it into the software.

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Subscription gifts to other users would be absolutely phenomenal and help communities thrive.

Live streaming platforms are living proof of this. Top financial supporters are currently held back by this!

It totally makes sense that not everything can make it in, but the lack of open ended monetization is truly painful.

Here's the topic I made in the past for reference.


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