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Users unable to upgrade/downgrade subscription tiers

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I'm running into an issue with PayPal subscriptions... In IPS PayPal subs do not appear to be getting cancelled completely.  Something isn't quite working.... User shows sub canceled, PayPal shows sub canceled, but IPS thinks that it's still active and will not let members upgrade/downgrade. 

 In this example; I have a member that wants to upgrade to a higher tier.  

Could contain: Text

So they cancel the existing subscription via the link

Could contain: Accessories, Formal Wear, Tie

Subscription page shows cancelled:



PayPal shows as cancelled as well:

Could contain: Page, Text
However, IPS still thinks they have an active subscription and will not let the user upgrade to a new higher tier. The system will not let them upgrade/downgrade if they have an active subscription.

How can we get around this?  What's the best manual way to proceed?

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