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Dissapearing Followers

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Yesterday I set up about 40 member accounts to follow a couple of important files.  About 30 minutes later I noticed that there were only 12 followers on one of the files. Swearing I had signed up more than 40 members to follow I was thinking I had messed up something. 

So today I went back in and set up the 28 members who somehow had slipped off the follow list.  I took a screen shot just to make sure I was not imagining things.

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Well,  I just logged in and found that there are only 13 followers now. 

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What the heck is going on?  Anyone have an explanation for this?  I think I am going out of my mind.  One question that comes to mind is this.  If I sign up someone to follow and sign them up for version updates, does the system take them off the Follow list?  Or,,,,  If I hide the forum or if I uncheck the privileges for member to view the forum and then unhide or recheck the permissions to see the forum would that make followers disappear?

I ask this because it is getting real difficult to keep going down the list of 40 pilots and re-signing them up for each of hte 5 files they need to be aware of when they are updated...

Thanks for any advice.


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12 minutes ago, Adriano Faria said:

People can unfollow.

it is unlikely that 28 people who have not logged in once since last years event suddenly all logged in within a couple of hours and unfollowed something that they did not know they were following.  I am setting this up for a beg balloon even starting on the 28th.  I will check and see if I can find that setting you have mentioned, thank you.

12 minutes ago, Nathan Explosion said:

why not try actually logging in as them

I do not know their passwords. 

Currently the even has not released the official pilot maps and targets for the event.  I am getting all the files set up and ready for the event.  When I get the official files I want to be able to load them and let the follow feature notify the pilots that the files are ready for download.  In between time I am not telling anyone that the files are in the forum.  If they log in they will see them and they are marked as (unofficial).  But I may not get the official files till the last moment and I have no idea how many changes I may have to make to last years files.  So I am trying to have everything else I can do in advance done.

Having those whom I set up to follow suddenly become un-followed defeats my attempts to get ahead of the rush.

Thank you all!


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I am so sorry,  I thought it was from the time I set them up to follow. 


You are completely correct!  I am sure that is it.  I will turn that off.

Thank you.  I was not thinking of it that way.


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