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Automatic social promotion

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For years we have used this fantastic application – Automatic Social Promotion – which apart from anything else can tweet out the title of every new thread which is started on the forum.
It is incredibly useful. We have thousands of Twitter followers including people from the media, activists, some politicians who find it a very easy way to keep an eye on anything which might be relevant to them. It also is very useful for our site team to keep an eye on new topics that crop up which come within their area of knowledge.

It has just stopped working both on our test site and our live site. We have no idea why.
The developer hasn't been around for over a year and 1/2.

I'm wondering if there's anybody around who might like to think about developing a new one. I have several ideas for tweaks and I think it would be a very popular application for forum administrators.


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5 minutes ago, BankFodder said:

Could it be sorted out by creating a new application because the original author of it is no longer interested.

Again, TWITTER, not the 3rd-party resource.

A few topics:

And here's  a post where Matt says it will be removed: https://invisioncommunity.com/forums/topic/474677-twitters-mid-life-crisis-and-the-ips-promotions-feature/?do=findComment&comment=2947466


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