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Primary Button Colour


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A suggestion:

It would be very helpful if buttons appearing in the header (specifically, the sign-in button) could have its own colour controlled separately to Primary Button Colour. It is common (almost standard) for backgrounds to be white (or a very pale colour). Whereas, headers are most often darker. I'd like to be able to place a white sign-in button in the header, but white buttons disappear against white backgrounds in other parts of the forum. Conversely,  a dark sign-in button looks crap in the header and is more easily missed.

Of course there are inevitable compromises to be made in these systems. But header buttons are quite different to other Important Buttons - they require their own styling. Yes, I could create my own header, but I'm trying to avoid this.


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For anyone else new to Invision,  and would like to style the Registration button differently to the Primary Button Color, I added some custom CSS to achieve this.

ACP -> Customization -> (Appearance) Themes -> (Edit HTML & CSS) </> -> Custom CSS (tab) -> (don't forget) 'Save All'.

/* Registration button */
#elRegisterButton {
  background: #fff;
  color: #000;

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