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Gallery reinstatement problems.

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I've just renewed the Galley app after a very long time.

The guide says I needed to download the latest software version and upload/overwrite current files, so I did that.

When it came to install, I went to the ACP, found the button to install the Gallery, and I got this:

Could contain: Text


I tried again (for some reason) and then got this:

Could contain: Text, Page, Computer Hardware, Electronics, Hardware

Can anyone shed any light on this, in words that even I can understand? 😆



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5 hours ago, Marc Stridgen said:

If you already have gallery installed, you will need to go to /admin/upgrade and upgrade from there once you have uploaded the files. 


Ah, thanks. I was trying the install path instead or 'upgrade'.

When I do try this, it goes to the upgrade page, and I get this error:

Could contain: Text, Page


Is this a simple fix?

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Sorry to raise this topic again, but there is still an issue from the last fix that your guys kindly did for me.

Everything was transferred to ticket before, but when trying the newest software update, I get an error:



My site is stuck in an update loop again and I can't get out of it.

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