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Maximum image display capped at 1200px width?

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I believe it's set to 1000px width max here, but on my site even when I increase the maximum to display at 2400x1600 with unlimited sizing to be saved, it's showing only 1200 width?  Is there another setting somewhere else?


Could contain: Page, Text, File


Example, whitespace to the right of image.  Image true dimensions are 5184 × 3456.  Being displayed with a width of 1200 (see source below)

Could contain: Nature, Outdoors, Promontory, Water, Sea, Rock, Cliff, Scenery, Cove, Sea Waves


Source rendered:

<img class="ipsImage ipsImage_thumbnailed" data-fileid="11014" data-ratio="66.67" width="1200" alt="beatrice-ekenstierna-fj1o54hCnmQ-unsplash.thumb.jpg.cbe7f20e56f4299231df48dca888b8a9.jpg" data-src="//xxxxxxxxxxxx/monthly_2023_06/beatrice-ekenstierna-fj1o54hCnmQ-unsplash.thumb.jpg.cbe7f20e56f4299231df48dca888b8a9.jpg" src="//xxxxxxxxxxxx/monthly_2023_06/beatrice-ekenstierna-fj1o54hCnmQ-unsplash.thumb.jpg.cbe7f20e56f4299231df48dca888b8a9.jpg" style="height: auto;" data-loaded="true">


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13 minutes ago, Clover13 said:

I cannot PM you so I added the info to the client area Notes for one of the sites.

Thank you for providing that URL. This would be the correct method even if you can message a staff member 🙂 . This way if a staff member's shift ends before you're on, they have an emergency, or what-have-you, you're not waiting for the next time they're on to get your issue resolved. The next staff member online can assist you without skipping a beat😉 .

Please note I have moved this to a ticket so we can better investigate what is happening here.

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For any other clients that come across this, the issue has been reproduced by IPS, is being reviewed further and hopefully fixed in an upcoming release 👍

The key difference is how the images are embedded in a Topic.  If you click the "Insert" link on the attachment thumbnails, it will limit it to 1200px.  If you let them auto-embed, then they will reflect your configured settings.

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