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System Logs Error: access_not_configured

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I have had the following error in my System Logs for about a week randomly a couple times a day. This is by different users on different pages each time. Not sure if this is something I should be worried about or not.


    [error] => access_not_configured
    [error_description] => You can't access this app until an admin at your institution reviews and configures access for it. If you need access to this app,
    [emm_app_verification_uri] => https://admin.google.com/ac/owl/requestapp?app_id=OTE5Njg2OTA2MDYxLTJxYjBtcWdkcmNtbDBhOGJscm03c2dobjZjdnJ2ZHExLmFwcHMuZ29vZ2xldXNlcmNvbnRlbnQuY29t&scopes=204,202,9315

Any suggestions on how to prevent the error?


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