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Changed to desktop view on mobile

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I'm having a nightmare / brain fade! I've just changed on my mobile to desktop view of my site. And I can't change it back. Must be the sun here in the UK getting to me.

Can someone remind me how I change it back?

This is my personal view of the site, not everyone's.

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In the absence of any information about your device OS and browser name...

Here's how to do it on Android....

  • In Chrome
    • tap the 3-dot menu in the top-right and deselect 'Desktop site'
  • In Firefox
    • tap the 3-dot menu in the bottom-right or the top-right (depends on what you have set in Settings -> Customise -> Toolbar) and deselect 'Desktop site'

If you are using iOS, someone else can suggest how to do it (might be a good idea to provide browser name, in case you aren't using Safari)

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