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Problem with Stripe webhook sending requests to the webhook endpoint

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It's been two days since Stripe started to send me emails reporting that it's having trouble sending requests to live mode to my webhook endpoint. I didn't even know what that is. 

I've not touched anything or updated anything in my community. Why is this happening? It seems that payments are no longer received in the products I have running with recurrent instalments.

Stripe reports a 404 error now. The stripe.php file is located under the nexus/interface/gateways folder, it's in my FTP. See the screenshots below. I've received that from Stripe every day since the issue started. Why is Stripe sending this email to me? Why didn't they send it before? I have not changed anything.

Stripe's configuration hasn't changed in ACP or my Stripe's dashboard. It's still the same, I've double checked it. 

My products require recurrent payments every month and I'm afraid they stopped working because of this. I just don't know what I should do to fix this issue.

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I also checked the payments in Stripe, and they are failing because of this. I just don't know where the problem is since I didn't change anything 😞 All I know is that the URL I posted where the webhook and stripe.php is located cannot be read if you are not logged in and that's why there is a 404 error.

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