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Activity Stream Widget - Filter for Spoiler-Heavy Content?


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I'm not sure if this is a Feature Request or if this is something the Suite can currently do and I'm just missing something, so figured I'd ask.

I'm playing around with a possible new landing page for my community - you can see it here:


What I'm curious about is the Activity Stream widget at the bottom there (ignore how it looks, I've been playing around with the theme templates). It shows a preview of every piece of content that is listed in the stream, which is nice. But my community likes to make forum topics about spoiler-heavy subjects (i.e. new Legend of Zelda game, Succession finale, that sort of thing) and posts made within those topics are also displayed in Activity Stream with a full preview text as well.

This has led to many in my community to accidentally see spoilers for things they are otherwise interested in, and I've had a few complaints about that.

Just asking my community to wrap all their posts in Spoiler blocks within the topics isn't exactly a viable/efficient solution either; these topics have titles that say 'Spoilers Inside', as well as tags that highlight that users should not open the topics if they don't want to be spoilered, so it would be an overreach for me to ask my community to take such a further step within a topic that is well understood to be a spoiler-heavy zone.

So I feel that there should be (or there is, and I'm not seeing it) a feature/option for the Activity Stream widget to either avoid showing a text preview of (or truncate more than usual) any content across the community that happens to have a 'Spoilers' tag assigned to it. I also would like the option to include Topics in the Activity Feed but avoid Club Topics (or at least, not show posts/topics from Clubs that users are not following).

Is there something like that within the ACP or Widgets block options, or is this something I need to feature request?

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I will look into this, thanks. I guess the other thing to think about is to set the truncate to apply only on Topics/Content that is given a certain tag (say, 'Spoilers' or something). Any ideas on how to make that happen using IPS code?

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