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Commerce Ticket System deprecated

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I'm disappointed to learn that the ticket system will be removed in future versions.

I understand the general reason but personally the current integrated system is perfect and sufficient for my needs. It doesn't need to be redone, but it doesn't need to be removed either.

An external ticketing system is expensive and when you're a startup, it may not be possible to afford an external system.

They offer more than invision does, but it may not be necessary.

I don't know what the Commerce module has in store for the future, but one of the reasons I bought it is precisely because of the integrated ticket system (even if it's basic). Everything in one place.

My customers don't have to open their mailboxes and write a support email or check their email waiting for an answer. Everything is integrated. To gives them the same feeling, which requires integration, workflow, API, an external system that offers this and a customer portal on which customers won't need to create another external account. All this is very expensive.

The help you offer to help the changes is wonderful, but one point not to forget is the costs.
At best, I hope the system stays as it is and that you help and improve the external integration for those who need this type of external system.

Thank you for taking the time to read

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