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Created Accounts without Subscription Purchase


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Hi team, I've activated to "always" the Require Subscription Purchase field and the users id=2338 or id=2334 was created without subscription purchase. This users was registered by Google Method (probably the same for other social methods). The users haven't access permisions to restricted content because no change the primary group assingment.

But, this situation generates a zap and creates, wrongly, a new client registered and it add to the clients automatizations in my CRM, so it's a kaos.

I think that can be an issue, because this users not shoub be created in IPS, with mail register method runs perfectly, not register without subcription purchase.

Can you take a look and solve in upcoming updates?

Thanks a lot.

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This is actually correct behaviour. You cannot require a subscription on an external login method unfortunately. This applies only to the internal login method. The reason for this is that in many cases its simply not allowed by the login provider. 


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