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Forum on subdomain Google display issues

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Guys have have a problem. I have moved a forum from the homepage months ago to a subdomain. On the front end I now have a shop. I have left a tab at the top of the page leading to the forum.

My issue is when you search Google, Bing and Yahoo. Forum display topics overshadow shop on search engine. How do I switch off. It would be fine if sub domain though it’s the shop homepage.

Any help appreciated.

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Hello Marc, I have added the website address to my profile. Says domain name. If you look domain names Google.com any suggestions appreciated.

I have 320,000 posts and 100,000 old members so any suggestions appreciated.

You will see the problem facing on the https://www.forum.domain.com no issue links my issue is with www.domain.com it is coming up aswell.

You will see top left have forum link for the members on magento store.


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