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(Suggestion) New group promotion rule: User is member in club


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One thing that I miss a lot in group promotions is a rule that fires when a user is (or is not) a member of a certain club. (Of course clubs have to be activated on the community for this.) This would add much more flexibility to automated promotions. Can you please consider adding this in a future release?

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I wanted to post here again because I keep landing on use-case scenarios where the ability to promote someone into a group (or award them a specific badge) based on joining a specific club.



To those who are wondering why we would want to do this, if you have 100 clubs, and they are all small, then this functionality is likely not for you. But if you, in addition to smaller clubs, have one or two large ones and that you want to be able to treat them 'differently', then you will appreciate the ability to do this.

Hope springs eternal...

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