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[Downloads] Unnecessary buy now buttons


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issue is as old as my story with IPS, starting with IPB 3.3. I was customizing my templates and decided to post the the issue again for your attention. Last time posted it like 6-7 years ago.

Downloads > Front > View > View template

<li class='ipsToolList_primaryAction'>
								{{if !$file->isPurchasable( FALSE )}}
									<span class="ipsType_light ipsType_blendLinks ipsResponsive_hidePhone ipsResponsive_inline"><i class="fa fa-info-circle"></i> {lang="purchasing_disabled"}</span>
										<a href='{{if !$file->container()->message('disclaimer') OR !\in_array( $file->container()->disclaimer_location, [ 'purchase', 'both' ] )}}{$file->url('buy')->csrf()}{{else}}{$file->url('buy')}{{endif}}' class='ipsButton ipsButton_fullWidth ipsButton_large ipsButton_important' {{if $file->container()->message('disclaimer') AND \in_array( $file->container()->disclaimer_location, [ 'purchase', 'both'])}}data-ipsDialog{{endif}}><i class='fa fa-shopping-cart'></i> &nbsp;{lang="buy_now"}{{if $price = $file->price()}} - {$price|raw}{{endif}}</a>

This check requires improvement. Lets say you have 5 files assigned to some Commerce package. Buy the required package and keep navigating to each of the assigned file. You will see Download button and Buy Now button.

You may now say it is intended because someone may want to buy it another time, however the Commerce package can be subscription which cannot be bought more than once. In such situation the Buy Now button should not appear, it is unnecessary and somehow misleading to the user who has the required Commerce package purchased.

Can you improve the scenario in next updates?

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