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Control of homepage menu system

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I need a better understanding of how the menu system works.

1.  I have 2 URLs to access my home2000.com site.

  • home2000.com - Its home page should have its own look (describing its function) and menu system.
  • amerifax.com - Its home page should have its own look (describing its function) and menu system.

2. How do the menus work. As I see it the top menu calls the Second layer of menus. 
Top Menu: home2000  Amerifax  Wisconsin  Bob  Browse  Activity
Called Memu: Clubs  Forums  Blogs  Events  Articles  Downloads  Gallery Staff  OtherUsers  Leaderboard.  As I See it  "home2000" calls and shows Called menu.

  • How to set up a menu to display only what I need, eliminate from display leaderboard Stadd ECT.
  • Have the selected item go to te selection. 
  • Am I going to the item page selected or moving it to the home page? If I have a choice what would be the best way to do it?






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  • Solution

The menu is controlled via your Admin Control Panel, Bob:

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Once you're there, it's fairly straightforward. There's a button Add item, which you'll use to create the new menu item. You'll have to choose what form it takes: is it a dropdown (= Drop-down Menu)? A link to a page (= Page)? A link to something else (= External link)? Have a play.

You can drag and drop your menu items to change their position. And any which you don't want can be sent on their way by hovering over them and then clicking the X:

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Once you're happy with your menu, you click a button Publish this menu, and then it's applied to your site.

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