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Change-of-storage-method is stuck after "finishing" (not really) a move

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I went to change the storage method for my site's "Theme Resources" today but the procedure appears to have gotten stuck. Here's what I did:

  1. Configured a new storage method.
  2. Changed "Theme Resources" to the new method, set the "Move files automatically" option to yes, then saved the changes.
  3. Saw two background tasks appear on the ACP dashboard: one for moving theme resources, one for deleting them at the source.
  4. Used the "manually run background tasks" option in the ACP to make this finish quickly.

At the end of this, I now see:

  1. The ACP shows no active background tasks.
  2. Most of my site's CSS and JS files are still loading from the old storage method's domain. None of these files were moved to the new storage method (but some image files were).
  3. The "Theme Resources" storage method setting is now stuck and unchangeable with the message shown in this screenshot:
    Could contain: Computer Hardware, Electronics, Hardware, Monitor, Screen, Page, Text
  4. There's no indication that any further moving-of-files is happening or will happen (files stopped being added to the new storage method). It's been stuck in this state for over 20 minutes now.

Did I hit a bug?

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