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Feature: Hash Regeneration & Hash Dynamic

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Bad Crawler/Membre: A group of members discussing in a password protected section of the forum. If the member opens their web browser and enables offline reading, they can view the page without being logged in and thus access the images, worse they can share the web link of those images to allow others to view them without being a member of the community.

I noticed on other products, that the guests can see the photos in reduced dimensions (300x300) by inviting them to identify themselves to visualize them in real size, this functionality of generation of Dynamic hash exists with IP.Downloads why not to extend it to forums, pages, blogs ?

This is for me a real problem with the new copyright laws. Some companies are specialized in searching and demonstrating the accessibility of these pictures they even create an account on the forum and index it as a member and not as a guest. IPS has no function to be notified of this abuse. When we realize the problem it is already too late, all the methods used proved to be ineffective in the long run. To limit drifts it would be necessary to have a functionality of regeneration of hash code (md5, sha1, sha-256) to solve the problem.

Regeneration hash this should even be automatic in some cases, when a topic is hidden by a moderator or the topic is moved. This will not have any negative impact on the referencing, on the contrary it will decrease the number of 404 errors. The crawler will have to refer to the sitemap, to update the information of your website. The bad crawler/users will be identifiable.

When I put the community in Offline mode, I notice in the logs that there are crawlers or users who can always access the images. That's why the hash regeneration feature will be very useful.


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