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HELP Site stuck on 4.7.9 upgrade

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I had a ticket to remove the Classifieds addon as after I upgraded to the 4.7.8 version of IPS IPS prevented me from uninstalling the addon. @Daniel Fatkic removed the Classifieds addon from my site to which he sent me an email saying so. Today I started the upgrade to 4.7.9 and my site is now dead showing an "Update in Progress" message on the screen to all my users and in the update is stuck in the Admin Panel saying:

Table 'rfcom_ips.classifieds_adverts' doesn't exist
/home/rfcom/domains/recreationalflying.com/public_html/applications//setup/upg_/queries.json - query #1
Please this needs to be fixed properly and urgently the same as logging a support ticket with IPS Support
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I have been asked if the site credentials that I have provided in my registration are correct, YES they are and the same credentials I provided a few weeks ago for you to remove the Classifieds addon...they are the same so I don't know why you can't connect...I have even sent a screen shot to @Daniel Fatkic who told me that he had removed the addon.

I just updated my 2nd site and that upgrade went without an issue

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