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Wrong information from the IP tool

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We have activated the management of connected devices and in some cases the location of the IP that shows the user is wrong.

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This information causes discomfort because it is not a close location of the user.

For example: IP-

The IPBoard IP Tool show "Barcelona, Catalunya" and the right location is Zaragoza (another autonomous community) The user don't connect via VPN.

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I check this IP in other IP tool https://www.cual-es-mi-ip.net/geolocalizar-ip-mapa and show the right location

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Is there any solution? Can the IP lookup tool be changed?



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Our IP lookup will provide information based on a free IP geolocation database (maxminds free one in this case), as with many other services. There are some services which will give closer locations such as the one you have used there, however these are no integrations with those that we provide at present. Ours will give only an approximate location based on free databases

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Thank you very much Marc.

Sorry, BBDD means database, abbreviation in my language, the habit...

Ok, so there is no solution, I imagined that Maxmind would have a bug reporting service even if it is the free database.

Thanks for your help.

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