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Impossible for our members to see our question of the week

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Hello hello to whomever who can help 👋

In our Community, we ask a “Question Of The Week” for engagement purposes. It is pinned at the top of the Community page, as you can see on the screenshot below.

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For a few weeks now, since the week of 20th of February to be precise, it seems that our members cannot see the question of the week any more. As admins, our team can see it and even when we switch to a few random member's view, we do see the QOTW, but I also see that no one answers any more and there are no views at all.

This has been confirmed by a few members when asked directly, they simply cannot see this question any more. However, if I share the URL of the post with our members, they are able to click on it and can access the QOTW.

We publish these QOTW for a few years now, and the settings haven't changed. Does anyone have the slightest idea what can be done to fix this issue?

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