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Wordpress OAuth Login Method for existing members

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I'm setting up a new Login Method - using Wordpress and OAuth.

On Wordpress, I'm using the miniOrange OAuth / OpenID Connect Server plugin as suggested and I've followed all the instructions.

For new users, I have it working at an acceptable level. However for existing users, once I've logged in, it's not mapping to the relevant Invision member profile - same username / same password. Instead it's prompting to set up a new profile. If you try to do that - using the existing email - it says that profile already exists.

Within the Login method I've set up, it says the following:

"If the user has not signed in with this method before but there is already an account with the email address provided by the login handler, the user will be prompted to link the accounts as if they had done so from their Account Settings page, regardless of what this is set to."

Manifestly, that isn't happening. Any pointers or suggestions welcome.

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